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PS3 Media Server is a DLNA compliant uPnP Media Server for the PlayStation 3, written in Java, with the purpose of streaming or transcoding any kind of media files, with minimum configuration.

PMS Installation Instructions

Download PS3 Media Server for windows from[1] (download the exe file) and save to your MSS in the software folder. If you need help with saving the file to your MSS please review, How to install software on the server wiki[2]. Now you must login to your server via Remote Desktop as Administrator, if you need help with this please review Remote Desktop wiki [3]. Once you have connected to your MSS via remote desktop, navigate to the software folder and double click pms-setup-windows-1.10.51.exe ( current version), leave all the default settings by clicking INSTALL, at the end of the installation process, ensure Run Media server is checked and click FINISH. PMS will open and connect to your PS3 if it is on, it does not have to be on at this point.
Click on the 3rd tab named, GENERAL CONFIGURATION, and click on START AS A WINDOWS SERVICE, the preferred method, or you can put it in the startup group, not the preferred method due to the fact that you wil have to login via remote desktop, do not click on run minimized, click OK on the popup dialog box, next click on the 4th tab Navigation/Share Settings, down at the bottom of the page under shared folders add your Video’s, Music and Photo’s folders or any other folders you have media you want to share or stream to your PS3, the default setting for shares is the root of each drive (C: D: ect...), then click SAVE and QUIT.
Next you need to configure the service to start automatically, to do this, right click on my computer, select manage, select services and applications, then select services.
Next scroll down to PS3 Media Server and double click, which brings up the PS3 Media Server properties, change STARTUP type from manual to AUTOMATIC, click start, then click OK.
I recommend restarting your MSS to ensure PMS starts as it should; there have been issue’s with it not starting as a service. Turn on your PS3 and see if your PS3 Media server is listed.
IF PS3 Media Server is listed all is well, if it's not listed then the service didn’t start. We have a fix if it does not start, simply Remote Desktop back in to your MSS and click START, RUN, type in C:\Program Files\PS3 Media Server\win32\service\wrapper.exe, when the windows Firewall prompts you to allow or block, click ALLOW for each item, when wrapper.exe completes close the CMD windows by pressing CTRL + C. Now you can logoff your MSS. More information can be found at [4].

PMS ADD IN Installation

The PS3 Media Server Add-in allows you to access your PS3 Media Server through the Window Home Server Console. This will allow you configure the media streaming settings and restart the service if you have any issues without logging on via remote desktop.
Now its time to setup the PMS add-in, which allows you to make changes or restart the service. Download PS3Media Server Add-In from [5] and save it in the Software\Add-Ins directory. It is a zip file so you will have to unzip it in order to install it, once unzipped, you will see a file named PS3MS For WHS Installer.
Next open Home Server Console, click on settings, then add-ins, then the available tab, you should see PS3 Media Server for WHS, click on INSTALL.
The Add-in will install and you will be logged out of the Home Server Console. Log back in to Home Server Console and you should see PS3 Media Server at the top of the console.

Click it and you will get a green screen, now you have 3 choices, OPEN PS3 Media Server, which allows you to configure the server, Restart the windows service, if you need to and Autostart config manager, which will make the config manger open automatically every time you open the PS3 Add-in, which is not needed.
And now you can stream video, music and or photo's to your PS3!!!