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Windows Home Server includes an easy way to install specific software for this platform in the form of an Add-In. These Add-Ins can be developed by commercial companies or hobbyist developers, and range from multimedia sharing, to website configuration, to disk defragmentation utilities.

Installing an Add-In to Windows Home Server is a very simple process, regardless of the Add-In you choose, although additional steps may be required to configure the application once it is installed.

  • Copy the MSI file to \\hpserver\software\add-ins. or Right click on your WHS task tray icon and select "Shared Folders." In Shared Folders you will need to double-click the "Software" folder then double-click on "Add-Ins." Now drag your msi file (s) to this folder.
  • Start your Windows Home Server Console and select "Settings" from the top right of the console. In the next screen, choose "Add-Ins" from the list on the left. This will provide you with a tabbed screen; one for "Installed" Add-ins and one for "Available" Add-ins. Under the Available tab you will see the list of add-ins you just copied to the Software/Add-Ins folder. Find the Add-in you wish to install in the list, highlight it and then click "Install".

Add-In Links

Below is a list of Add-In's available for the Media Smart Server that were developed by users of the forums. The WHS-focused website We Got Served maintains a comprehensive listing of all known published Add-Ins.

This add-in is designed to forward the System Health Notifications from the Home Server to an email address of your choosing.

This add-in allows additional control over the LED's built into the front of the MediaSmart Server

This add-in is designed to backup the WHS Backup Database which stores all your client PC backups

MSS Fan Control allows the user to easily control the speed of the upper and lower exhaust fans of the MediaSmart Server.

This add-in is designed to install and configure the FirePlay application by Bo Mellberg, making using the light weight media streamer easy for MediaSmart owners. Other WHS users can install this but must install the Firefly Media Server first.