Restoring a PC with additional drivers

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Quite often, someone will post on the Forums that they have been unable to Restore their PC from the PC Restore Disc, either the Server cannot be found, or the target drive does not show up as a valid choice. This is usually remedied by providing the drivers relevant to your system, so that the Restore Disc can see either the network or the hard disk and is also a very easy process and is built into the Windows Home Server Backup Process. To follow this process, you either need to have followed the related Wiki entryBacking up your PC Drivers or you need access to another machine to be able to follow it. You can also copy the relevant manufacturer’s unpacked drivers to a USB key.

Booting from the PC Restore Disc


  • Once you have booted from the PC Restore Disc on the client you wish to restore, you'll eventually see a screen similar to the above screen shot.


  • Again, after another wait, you are asked to provide your language and keyboard details.


  • You can now see the drivers that have been detected on the system. NB: on the screen shot above the system has detected (0) Network Devices. If you continue at this point, your server will not be found, and is probably the main reason that people have problems with the PC Restore process. By clicking on Show Details, you will be able to see what devices have been detected, and you now have an option to Install Drivers.


  • Insert your USB Thumb Drive, and click on Install Drivers.


  • Now click on Scan, and the system will read the USB drive. If any suitable drivers for your system are found, you will be presented with the dialog box below.


  • Now click on OK, and you will be returned to the Detect Hardware Page.


  • You should now see any additional drivers that have been loaded, in the example above, you can see there is now a Network driver and also some new Storage Drivers.
  • Now click Continue and follow through the rest of the PC Restore process.

NOTE: If your computer still cannot see the server, it may be that you need to update the drivers. It's been noted that some Realtek[1] chipsets and some Sony Vaio [2] Machines require the vendors drivers to complete the restore.