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Performing this modification is done entirely at your own risk. If you are not familiar with disassembling your server and modifying electronic components then please do not perform this modification.

BE CAREFUL INSIDE THE POWER SUPPLY, especially if it’s been used. The capacitors hold a charge for some time.

This modification will absolutely void the warranty from HP on your MediaSmart Server.

Alternatives to performing this modification

HP provides an Out of Warranty (OOW) Service option[1] available for factory repair or replacement of servers that are outside the 1 year warranty period. If you are not comfortable with the above disclaimer, it is recommended you use the HP OOW service for the replacement of a failed power supply.

If your power supply is still working but is producing an excessive amount of noise, it is possible to clean and oil or even replace the power supply fan. That process has been documented by forum member tedf.[2]

Why a modification is necessary

The MediaSmart Server power supply is a 200 watt HiPro HP-U200EF3, and uses a non-standard pinout for connection to the motherboard. This requires a rewire of the power supply connector.


Compatible Replacement Power Supply models

The following Power Supplies have been found to work successfully with the MediaSmart Server. Many of these power supplies appear to adhere to the SFX standard, which is the same as the ATX standard except that the -5 VDC is removed from pin 18[3].

  • Athena Power AP-MFATX30 [4]
  • Athena Power AP-MFATX22 220W Mini ITX [5]
  • Shuttle PC40 - 250 watt, one rail each for 12v, 5v, and 3.3v. Same physical dimensions as MSS power supply.
  • Shuttle PC50 - Same as PC40 but 300 watt.
  • Shuttle PC60 - See forums for details. [6]
  • Sparkle Power - FSP200-50PL (shown in this guide)
  • FSP270-60LE [7]

Pin Configuration Reference

The number convention for the 20-pin connectors are the same for both the SFX and MSS power supplies, and all pin numbers will be referenced according to the following sequence.


Note that while the MediaSmart Server power supply has a different pinout configuration than the standard SFX pinout, the color coding of the wires are the same.

Pin SFX Color SFX Description MSS Color MSS Description
1 Orange +3.3 VDC Black Ground
2 Orange +3.3 VDC Green Power On
3 Black Ground Red +5 VDC
4 Red +5 VDC Red +5 VDC
5 Black Ground Black Ground
6 Red +5 VDC Purple +5 VDC (Standby)
7 Black Ground Black Ground
8 Gray Power OK Gray Power OK
9 Purple +5 VDC (Standby) Black Ground
10 Yellow +12 VDC Orange +3.3 VDC
11 Orange +3.3 VDC Yellow +12 VDC
12 Blue -12 VDC Black Ground
13 Black Ground Red +5 VDC
14 Green Power On Black Ground
15 Black Ground Black Ground
16 Black Ground Yellow +12 VDC
17 Black Ground Yellow +12 VDC
18 Reserved Black Ground
19 Red +5 VDC Black Ground
20 Red +5 VDC Orange +3.3 VDC

The end result is that 4 additional wires are needed, 2 black and 2 yellow, in order to match the pinout configuration of the MediaSmart Server.

Voltage Sensor Wires

Some power supplies have a 3.3 VDC sensor wire attached to an orange 3.3 VDC wire. Users that have encountered this configuration have attached the double-wire to pin 20 of the MediaSmart Server connector with good results[8].


In the absence of a tutorial on this, please refer to this tutorial for instructions on how to take apart your MediaSmart Server to gain access to the failed power supply. A video is also available [1]courtesy of the

Rewiring the connector

The female pins must be removed from the plastic housing of the connector on the new power supply so that they can be rewired to match the pinout specification required by the MediaSmart Server. A special Molex tool exists for this purpose. There is also an alternative method courtesy of "Rachel" at[9]. This alternative method is shown in the following images.

The additional 2 black and 2 yellow wires that are required to meet the MediaSmart Server pinout configuration can be obtained from the P4 power connector of the new power supply.


Alternatively, you could cut wires from the extraneous power plugs on the new power supply to the right length and add pins to the wires for fitment into the new power supply connector. Please see the Helpful tools section for more details on the tools needed to perform this.

Depending on the new power supply you are using, it may be necessary to cut some length from the wires in which case you will need to use new pins on all the wires. It is recommended to practice the fitment of your new power supply inside the server chassis.

Any extra wires will need to either be de-soldered from the new power supply, or cut and capped with shrinkwrap.

Testing the completed power supply

Once the rewiring is complete, you should check the connectors to ensure the color coding is correct for the MediaSmart Server.


The power supply can be tested. Use a paper clip to short pins 1 and 2 to see if the unit powers up. If it does, you can test each pin to ensure correct voltage.

Installation and reassembly

The new power supply can now be attached to the motherboard tray and inserted into the MediaSmart Server. Depending on which replacement power supply you used and how you modified it, you may have to fit extra lengths of wire. In this example using the Sparkle power supply, it is shorter in length and allowed enough room to store the extra lengths of wire. Some other models may require cutting and putting new pins on the wires.

To reassemble your MediaSmart Server after installing the new power supply, please reverse the directions found in the Disassembly section of this guide.

Helpful tools and parts

The following tools may prove to be helpful while modifying the Connector on the new power supply to work with the MediaSmart Server. The links here are given only as examples and do not endorse any particular vendor or source.

  • 1 x Deluxe Molex Hand Crimp Tool (CRIMPER-DX) = $24.95[10]
  • 2 x Minifit Pins Female - Silver - 4 Pack (MINIFIT-F) = $0.98 [11]
  • 2 x Connectx™ ATX 20 pin Female Pins, GOLD-plated - 20 Pack (ACR-CB8133) = $7.98 [12]
  • 1 x Molex Mini-Fit Connector Pin Extractor (MINIFITOOL) = $24.99 [13]
  • Multimeter for testing voltage at each pin


Forum member "erail" performed the first known power supply replacement[14] and documented his process for this guide.

Forum member "pettt" followed erail's tutorial and documented the steps he took with pictures, and provided the home-made Connector re-wire process.