How do I perform a Server Recovery?

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As the MediaSmart Server is a headless device, a special DVD is provided with the server to enable you to rebuild the server. Running this disc on a client computer will present you with two options, Server Recovery or Factory Reset. It's important to understand the differences between the two, or you could inadvertently lose data.

What are the differences between Factory Reset and Server Recovery?

Factory Reset

A "Factory Reset" should be considered as destructive, and will restore your server to how it was shipped. Complete with all data on the server destroyed.

Server Recovery

A "Server Recovery" will destroy settings and data on the OS drive, so any applications, and users will be removed. Server Recovery also attempts to recover all data and restore the folders. However, because of the state of the system prior to the recovery, not all data may be able to be recovered or integrated into the folder structure. Your existing backups will also be removed.

Performing the Server Recovery

Uninstall the HP MediaSmart Server Software and Windows Home Server Connector

Windows XP

  1. Click Start, Control Panel and select Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Click on HP MediaSmart Server, click Remove.
  3. Click on Windows Home Server Connector, click Remove.

Windows Vista

  1. Click on the Windows Orb, Control Panel, Programs and Features
  2. Click on HP MediaSmart Server, click Remove.
  3. Click on Windows Home Server Connector, click Remove.

Run the Server Recovery Disc

It is recommended that both Server Recovery and Factory Reset operations are performed on a hard wired network (i.e not using Wireless Lan on the client.

  • Insert the Server Recovery Disc into a DVD drive in a client computer connected to the network.
  • The Server Recovery program may autostart if your system is configured for this, if not you need to browse the DVD and double click on WHSRecovery.exe


Click on Next and Read and Accept the End-User License Agreement.


Put the server in Recovery Mode

Hp mss rear panel.jpg

  • Power Off the Server by holding down the power button at the rear of the server for at least 4 seconds. (Keep it down until the server is powered off)
  • Now Power On, the server and get ready with a paperclip at the front of the server.


  1. While the Health indicator is blinking Blue Blue-Health.jpg and Red Red-Health.jpg, use a paper clip to press the recessed Status/Recovery button until it clicks.
  2. If the recovery is initiated correctly, the Health Indicator will start blinking Purple Purple-Health.jpgand Red Red-Health.jpg
  • Once in that state, click on Next on your client PC.


Server Recovery will now search for your server. Follow the screen prompts to complete the recovery.