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The FirePlay for Windows Home Server Add-In is an automation of the manual steps documented in the FirePlay Wiki entry, and allows the user to remotely stream over the internet all the music stored on their server.

FirePlay is a Flash Add-In developed by Bo Mellberg for the Firefly Media Server, which is a media server designed to serve digital music to iTunes and is the “iTunes Server” solution delivered by HP as part of the MediaSmart Server software. Note that if you do not have an HP MediaSmart Server you’ll need to install the Firefly Media Server before the FirePlay WHS Add-In will work.

Bo Mellberg was kind enough to grant permission to deliver FirePlay as part of a Windows Home Server Add-In, making the installation a very simple process.

The Add-In will install FirePlay for Windows Home Server and then:

  • Open the Windows Firewall to allow external access to Firefly
  • Install an ASP file to allow dynamic configuration of the FirePlay.html equivalent.
  • Attempt to instruct Windows Home Server to open the correct port in the users router to allow access from outside the home

Once the add-in is installed, just point your web browser at or internally http://server/FirePlay (example URL's)

The add-in can be downloaded from the forums.