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Bo Mellberg has developed a Flash Add-In for Firefly called FirePlay[1] that allows you to stream music directly from your browser, including a Nintendo Wii.

Firefly installs it's own web server, Apache. So as well as IIS (where the Remote Access pages are hosted from), you also have an Apache Web Server. Choosing where to install FirePlay is down to personal choice, whether you want to put your admin password in each time, or not.

Install using FirePlay for Windows Home Server Add-In

Forum moderator, Nigel Wilks has developed an Add-In[2] for Windows Home Server to automate and improve on the processes below. Fireplay For Windows Home Server is much easier to follow, and uses the IIS method to serve the music. Simply download the zip file, unpack the MSI to your \\Server\Software\Add-In folder and Install the Add-In from the Windows Home Server Console.

Installing on Apache

  • Copy the three files for FirePlay into C:\Program Files\Firefly Media Server\admin-root on the server.
  • Open the ports on your router for TCP 9999 (the default port for Firefly on the MediaSmart Server) to forward to your Home Server IP.

You can now access and stream your music anywhere you are from the following (sample) URL's.

NB: You will need to forward port 9999 on your router to your server for external access.

You will be prompted for a username/password, and the default password is firefly on the HP MediaSmart, a user account is not required.

The default password can be changed via the FireFly web interface, which you can access via http://hpserver:9999/ and choosing Configuration, or direct to http://hpserver:9999/config.html

Dont forget, if your server is called anything other than HPSERVER, change the URL's above.

Installing on IIS

If you would prefer not to divulge the FireFly admin password or keep using the 9999 port in the url, you can let Internet Information Services (IIS) handle the web traffic instead of the Apache server.

  • Copy the three files for FirePlay into c:\inetpub\wwwroot
  • Open the FirePlay.html file and search and replace the three entries of

?host=&port= with ? where is your external URL.

If you do want to secure your music, you can set a password on your music to something other than your Admin password by going to http://server:9999/config.html and setting the Music Password. And if you havent changed your Admin Password, thats the same place to change that.