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Clown_BD is an easy to use program that allows the user to extract the main movie and language streams (including subtitles) from HD content. The extracted video/audio can then be wrapped in a transport sream (ts/m2ts), an ISO image, or a Blu Ray compliant file for burning. This progam ain't no clown!!!



  • Input - HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Structures, MPLS or single M2TS/TS/EVO/MKV files


  • Extract True-HD (Now with auto timeshift)
  • Extract LPCM (using PCM2TSMU)
  • Extract AC3 core (from True-HD) or DTS Core (From DTS-MA)
  • Convert audio to AC3/DTS (Optionally Choose bitrate)
  • Change language of audio/subtitle stream
  • Change order of audio/subtitle stream automatically based on preferences, and manual override


  • Extract Subtitles
  • Convert HD-DVD Subtitles to Blu-Ray (BDSup2Sub & JAVA must be installed)


  • Extract Chapters

Other Features

  • AVCHD mode (FAT32 PS3 compatability)
  • Autoset Forced Subtitles

Create ISO or Burn to Disc

  • Call to imgburn to create ISO
  • Burn directly with ImgBurn

Multilingual User Interface

  • German User Interface
  • French User Interface
  • Italian User Interface


  • Java Runtime (Need to verify that you are running most recent version)

Note that there are two versions of Clown_BD. One of the versions comes with tsMuxeR/eac3to/BDSup2Sub, so if you download that version you do not need to download these programs individually. Also, the HD content must be coming from an unencrypted source. If not then you must have a decrypter such as AnyDVD running in the background.

Initial Setup

After installing Clown_BD and running, the "Step 1" pop up box will appear. This will allow you to choose the video source you will be using as well as selecting where you want the files output to. Additional options such as auto shutdown will be available to choose as well. If you want to select only 1 audio track but have multiple versions of that track (i.e. Unconverted and AC3) make sure you have "Network Media Tank Audio Options" selected

ClownBD Step 1 Updated.JPG

Selecting the "Options" button from step one will take yo to the screen below. Here you want to make sure that Clown_BD is pointed correctly to where eac3to and tsMuxeR are located. A handy little tool the developer provides links to these programs if you want to download individually. You can also set up your Audio/Subtitle preferences by priority.

ClownBD Main Menu.JPG

Playlist Selection

For "Step 2" you will be able to choose what playlist you want to use. This is particularly useful if you are looking to extract individual episodes from a box set.

ClownBD Step 2.JPG

Output Options

With the playlist has been selected, now you can select all the specific outputs. The "Audio" box will allow you to choose what default audio options you want (i.e. if there are multiple English audio tracks, having English selected will choose all). The "Subtitles" box provides for the same functionality, except for subtitles. You can also select/deselect by clicking on the specific stream.

The "Output Audio Format" offers the following options:

  • Unconverted - this will keep the audio selected as is.
  • Core - use this option if you wish to extract the DTS core from a master audio or high definition stream (or AC3 core from a TrueHD/AC3 stream)
  • AC3 - use this option if you wish to convert the selected audio stream(s) to AC3
  • DTS - use this option if you wish to convert the selected audio stream(s) to DTS

The "Movie Output Format" allows you to choose ts, m2ts, Blu-ray, or Blu-ray + ISO (for converting the Blu Ray structure to an ISO or for burning)

The "FPS" option allows you to change the Frames Per Second (either speed up or slow down). Generally this option should be left alone.

ClownBD Step 3a.JPG

If you selected "Netword Media Tank Audio Options" in the initial setup, your "Output Audio Format" screen will look slightly difference. Here you can choose to have multiple outputs of the selected audio track.

ClownBD Main Menu - Step 3 NMT.JPG

Final Results

Now that all options have been selected Clown_BD will run its magic. The main UI will dissappear and instead be replaced with a small status bar that will show the progress of eac3to.

Eac3to Status.JPG

Once eac3to has completed its work a log will pop up showing the results.

Eac3to Log.JPG

Now that eac3to is complete, tsMuxeR will now take over, with another status bar appearing.

TsMuxeR Status.JPG

After tsMuxeR completes its task, Clown_BD will leave a nice little message.

ClownBD Bye.JPG

You can now navigate to the folder where the file was created. Unfortunately Clown_BD stores all the temp files used, so those should be deleted once the final movie file has been verified to be working correctly.


And a screenshot of the final result:

FinalResult Screenshot.JPG

--Dbone1026 12:57, 18 May 2009 (UTC)