Backup your Home Server

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With the release of Windows Home Server Power Pack 1, Microsoft introduced a new feature to allow the server to back itself up to another drive, either external or internal. This is a useful feature, and will allow you to store an "offsite" copy of your data to help protect against common data loss issues such as fire, flooding or theft.

Before starting this guide, you need to have added a Server Backup Hard Drive.


  • Click on the Computers & Backup Tab and highlight your Server and click Backup Now


  • Choose your backup options, and if they are likely to be the same for subsequent backups, click the Remember these settings for future backups check box.
  • Click the “Backup Now” button.


  • The server will now be scanned for changed files and backed up to your designated drive.


Remember: Server Backups are not automated; you must backup the server manually