Backing up your PC Drivers

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Quite often, someone will post on the Forums that they have been unable to Restore their PC from the PC Restore Disc, either the Server cannot be found, or the target drive does not show up as a valid choice. This is usually remedied by providing the drivers relevant to your system, so that the Restore Disc can see either the network, or the hard disk and is also a very easy process and is built into the Windows Home Server Backup Process. It is highly recommended you do this, before you need to do a restore, especially if you only have one PC!

Windows Home Server Drivers for Restore

  • In the Windows Home Server Console, click on the Computers & Backup Tab, then double click on the PC you want a copy of the drivers.

Drivers Step1.jpg

  • Choose a backup, and click Open. The following progress bar will be displayed, be a little patient here as this could take a while.

Drivers Step2.jpg

  • Insert your thumb drive into your PC, double click on the "Windows Home Server Drivers for Restore" folder to open it.

Drivers Step3.jpg

  • Choose Edit from the top menu and click on Select All then right click on one of the selected files and choose Send To and then choose your Thumb Drive.

Drivers Step4.jpg