Adding a Server Backup Hard Drive

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With the release of Windows Home Server Power Pack 1, Microsoft introduced a new feature to allow the server to back itself up to another drive, either external or internal. This is a useful feature, and will allow you to store an "offsite" copy of your data to help protect against common data loss issues such as fire, flooding or theft.

Before starting this guide, you need to connect your desired drive, either internal or external.


Click on the Server Storage Tab and highlight the Non Storage Drive you wish to use for your backup and click on the + Add item. (or right click and select Add)


Choose Next


Select Use this hard drive to backup files that are stored on your home server and click Next.


Choose the option that suits you, either Yes, format the drive or No, preserve the existing files on this hard drive and click Next.


Give the Drive a memorable name. Click Next


Click Finish


Click Done


There is now a new line for Server Backup Hard Drives

The drive is now added to the server as a backup drive, and you can now Backup your Home Server

Note: The drive status color will show as Purple, as the drive is not part of the pool (Blue)