The folks at XBMC has been quite busy leading into the holiday season. Earlier this month the beta 2 version of XBMC Frodo was released, notably with the long awaited support for the Android platform.  What do you know, two weeks later Frodo has left beta mode and is now out as a Release Candidate. […]

The developers at XBMC have just announced the release of the next beta version of XBMC, named Frodo (XBMC 12, Beta 2). As usual, there are plenty of new features and updates, but most importantly for us Android users, XBMC has finally officially come to Android. As an Android user I am anxious to give […]

One component that has been missing from XBMC has been the ability to bitstream HD Audio. Well, it looks like that feature might be right around the corner. In the recent XMBC blog the developers talk about AudioEngine, a complete re-write of the core audio sub-system of XMBC. Features of AE include: - support for DTS-MA […]

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XBMC And The iPad

by Damian on February 11, 2011 · 16 comments

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Nearly a month ago the XBMC team had announced that they had successfully ported over XBMC onto the latest iPhone/iPod/iPad/ATV2. This definitely piqued my interest as this would turn an iPxx into a mobile HTPC. More importantly this would open up the iPxx to supporting more video formats then the iPxx does natively (which is […]

Could we soon be approaching a time where XBMC is on every device known to man??? It sure seems that way. Following up on the recent announcement that Sigma was porting XBMC over to its SoC, the folks at XBMC have just announced that XBMC is now available for install on the AppleTV 2, iPhone, […]

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XBMC Coming To Sigma Players?

by Damian on January 5, 2011 · 5 comments

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As someone who follows a lot of different media players almost one of the first things I always here asked is “Can I run Xbox Media Center (XBMC) on this?”. There was even a “project” on the Networked Media Tank forums regarding porting XBMC over to the Popcorn Hour Media Players (I say project because […]

One of the most popular front ends for Home Theater PCs is XBMC. It is a light-weight application that has a huge user base and community. Adding to its popularity XBMC can be installed on practically every platform (OSX, Linux, Windows, AppleTV, and Live via USB Flash Drive). XBMC has set the standard for how […]

*** PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF 25-JAN-2011 DSPLAYER IS NO LONGER BEING DEVELOPED*** A few weeks ago I was browsing the XBMC forums and noticed that there is an XBMC build that integrates an internal Directshow based player (called DSPlayer). This is important for two reason. The first is that that DSPlayer supports hardware acceleration […]

If you have followed my guides you know I spend a decent amount of time focusing on Windows Media Center. However, I don’t like to lock myself into just one Front End, but instead like to test out different Front Ends. If one comes along that does a better job at what I am looking […]