Windows Media Center

Earlier this year I had posted about Media Browser 3 and some big changes that were coming. Well, just a short while ago a public beta was made available for both Media Browser Classic and Media Browser Server. Here is the developer’s recent post: I just posted links on our download page for public beta versions of both […]

Media Browser, my go to HTPC front end, is making some big moves as it looks to expand its role beyond Windows Media Center. Here are some of things you can expect when Media Browser 3 is released: Media Browser will become a client-server application beginning with version three, and will be targeting multiple platforms. […]

Another day, another Media Browser release . This time it is a small maintenance release (codename Atlas SP1). I haven’t been very active of late discussing HTPCs and related software, and much of that is due to some lost interest in the whole HTPC space. However, I started tinkering around with HTPCs again a few […]

The next version of Media Browser (version 2.6, Atlas) has just been released. The new version can be downloaded here. See below for highlights and changelog. Highlights: True searching with an on-screen keyboard has been added at all levels. The search screen is produced with ctl-s or the yellow button on your remote or via […]

Recently, users who use both Media Browser and My Movies (or at a minimum just Collection Management) noticed that metadata was no longer appearing in Media Browser. Well, it turns out that with the release of My Movies 4.02 the mymovies.xml file is now encrypted (full changelog can be seen here), which means the file […]

My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.02, My Movies Collection Management 4.02 and My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.10 have now been released. You can get the downloads here. You may notice that Windows Home Server v1 is not included in this update. It is my understanding that going forward the My Movies […]

About 4 months again a major update for Remote Potato was released. I had been planning to put together a detailed walkthru on setting up and using, but it seemed like whenever I started something would always come up that would derail me. Well, since I have been using Remote Potato fairly consistently for the […]

This past Friday the next round of My Movies Pre Releases were released into the wild. The Pre Releases included My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.02 Pre Release 2, My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.10 Pre Release 1 and My Movies for Mac OS X 1.00 Pre Release 3. See the changelog […], the popular online content aggregator for Windows Media Center that I highlighted a while back, has just released version 2.6 of their software. Here is the scoop on what is new: We have just released 2.6!  This version adds some features that make it easier to add TV shows and adds a new […]