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Media Browser, my go to HTPC front end, is making some big moves as it looks to expand its role beyond Windows Media Center. Here are some of things you can expect when Media Browser 3 is released: Media Browser will become a client-server application beginning with version three, and will be targeting multiple platforms. […]

Until the end of January 2013, Microsoft is offering users of Windows 8 Pro the Windows Media Center Pack for free.  Any user that doesn’t have Pro can upgrade for $69.99 Visit here for more details.

Martin Rothschink of has written to let us know that they have released Service Pack 3 for the popular Lights-Out Add-In for Windows Home Server and Windows Home Server 2011. The major new features in this release include support for Windows Server 2012 Essentials and Windows 8. Read below for more details on what’s […]

Anyone who has followed my tech ramblings knows I have been anxiously waiting for a legitimate Windows tablet. I know there are a handful of Windows 7 tablets out there, but between the price and limitations it is not exactly what I had in mind. Well, as the official launch of Windows 8 approaches it […]

Is This Mic On???

by Damian on April 25, 2012 · 15 comments

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Many of you have probably noticed there hasn’t been much new content coming out from my neck of the woods of late, so I thought I would check in and let everyone know I am still alive & kicking! Really at this point there are two main reasons I haven’t been writing as much of […]

A few months ago we heard the first preliminary news about Microsoft introducing Disk Pooling in the upcoming Windows Server 8. Microsoft have now posted an article on their Building Windows 8 blog that gives me some hope and confidence that they are seriously looking at making some sort of “Drive Extender” functionality available in the upcoming […]

Details have been slowly coming out over Windows 8, and yesterday Microsoft released the first preview of Windows 8, sporting a new look and feel.  The focus, at least in the first preview, appears to be more of a touch based interface with App integration. The look is definitely quite different from Windows 7, I […]