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About a month ago I built a new desktop PC. I had noted that one issue I ran in to was that my Blu-ray ROM drive stopped being recognized, something I attributed initially to a bad drive. Before I started the RMA process I decided to use my Windows Home Server PC restore to restore […]

A few weeks ago I decided to write an article about the Xtreamer Ultra, a mini-ITX PC announced by Xtreamer. A big reason for my article was because I felt there was a lot of confusion and questions about the Ultra. One of the big questions I had was about the claim that the Xtreamer […]

In case you haven’t noticed, there have been several posts of late regarding Xtreamer. We reviewed the Xtreamer Pro, as well as briefly discussed the recently announced Xtreamer Prodigy and Xtreamer PVR. One other new player that Xtreamer has lined up is the Xtreamer Ultra. The Ultra is a departure from the current line of […]

The next version of Media Browser (codename Draco) has just been released into the wild.  If you have followed my writings you know that Media Browser is my front end/plugin of choice when it comes to HTPCs.  One interesting change (and hopefully this will help fix the issues I have been experiencing with my library […]

Windows 7 SKUs Announced

by Alex Kuretz on February 3, 2009 · 4 comments

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I’ve received information from Microsoft announcing plans for the different SKUs that will be available for Windows 7. They are: Windows® 7 Starter, Windows® 7 Home Basic (in Emerging Markets only), Windows® 7 Home Premium, Windows® 7 Professional, Windows® 7 Enterprise and Windows® 7 Ultimate. Microsoft recommends Windows 7 Home Premium for most consumer customers […]