The day has finally arrived!  Or “The Day of Reckoning” depending upon your point of view! WHS 2011 is in stock at an online retailer and now available for order. It was reported yesterday in Microsoft’s WHS 2011 forum, that the WHS 2011 System Builder software  is available for order at PC SuperStore for $106.56.  They are reporting that […]

Microsoft announced on May 9th, 2011 via their blog that the evaluation copy of Windows Home Server 2011 is now available.  You can download it via their website. In the Microsoft WHS 2011 forum, WHS 2011 was released to OEMs for sale on May 1st. It was stated that System Builder versions would probably NOT […]

Last year I decided to get a new server in anticipation of Windows Home Server 2011 due to capacity restraints with my existing server.  I’d read a few articles of what people thought it might be, all the rumors, etc.  Everyone anticipated that pretty much everything from WHS v.1 would remain, but with some nice […]

One of the nice features of Windows Home Server 2011 is that it allows households that have a mixture of Macs and Windows PCs to connect both systems to the Home Server. Once I got my Release Candidate version of WHS 2011 up and running, I immediately started to hook up my Macs to my […]

Whilst doing some light reading on a variety of tech blogs I came across an interesting post from Ed Bott over at ZDNet. He had received the final release of Windows Home Server 2011 and was preparing to install. Going through the Installing and Configuring Windows Home Server 2011 guide Ed came across some interesting […]

The Microsoft Windows Home Server Blog have announced that MSDN and Technet subscribers can now download the RTM version of Windows Home Server 2011. For those of you happy to see the back of DE, then it’s worth taking a peek. I’ve been running it in production now for a few days and if I’m […]

The (Home and) Small Business Server team at Microsoft have announced that they have signed off on the RTM release of Windows Home Server 2011. This milestone starts the process of making it available for purchase via OEM solutions, MSDN/Technet, and hopefully via System Builder channels for those of you that want to build a […]

Prominent Microsoft evangelist Paul Thurrot has published an article outlining why he is now betting on Windows Home Server 2011. In the article he attempts to explain why Windows Home Server 2011 is just fine and dandy, yet just like Microsoft he focuses on the tech enthusiast point of view and completely neglects the ease […]

Ever since the Windows Home Server team was absorbed into the Small Business Server team I’ve observed a steady decline in the attention the team has placed on the average home user while designing the next generation Windows Home Server products. You have gotten a taste of this with the out of touch manner that […]

After more than two months of near silence, Microsoft have today announced the availability of the Release Candidate of Windows Home Server Vail. Along with the Release Candidate status we are also finally given a name for the product: Windows Home Server 2011. Here is the full announcement from Microsoft, stayed tuned for a more […]