Microsoft have released a hotfix to resolve the bogus “Computer Monitoring Error” issue that some users have encountered after their servers updated to the UR2 release. The hotfix is not available for direct download, you’ll need to click the “View and Request Hotfix Downloads” link to email support for the hotfix. If you’ve experienced the […]

Microsoft have released it’s second Update Rollup for Windows Home Server 2011. This update fixes 15 issues as listed below and should be available via Windows Update now. This release also addresses many of the issues with using WHS 2011 with Mac Lion. Major issues that are resolved by this update Issue 1 The network […]

Microsoft still can’t tell you how Windows Home Server Vail will protect your data after the removal of Drive Extender (and are apparently looking for a new home for the Home Server Team), yet yesterday they released Update Rollup 2 for Windows Home Server v1. Note that you will need to have Power Pack 3 […]