Most of the news out from HP recently has all been doom and gloom so it’s quite refreshing to see that someone in there is still focusing on something positive.  I’ve personally quite liked the look of the MicroServer and these new spec bumps make it that little bit nicer.

In WHS v1 terms the words “Power Pack” could often translate into “New Features” which, personally, is always exciting for me!  Power Pack 1 fixed the dreaded data integrity issues which will always be remembered as WHS V1′s rocky start to life,  but I think you’ll all agree the subsequent power packs did always appear […]

As many of you have noticed, December is solidly here and we’re getting anxious to see the 3.0 Software Update for the EX470/EX475 and EX485/EX487 MediaSmart Servers. The last update we had from HP back in October indicated a December release date and an estimated price of $25 for the upgrade. Today we’ve got an […]

Windows Update list for February shows a new update available today for Windows Home Server. Here’s the description, unfortunately I don’t have any more info on the contents of the update and my server isn’t picking it up yet. More to follow as soon as we know something… Update for Windows Home Server (KB961030) Locale: […]