TV Shows

A few months ago I wrote about My Movies 4, an update to the popular Media Management software for Windows Media Center as well as other platforms. The most notable change (from my viewpoint) to My Movies 4 was the addition of TV Show support. At the time My Movies 4 was only available to […]

Back in December I wrote an article about pulling recorded content off a set top box using the Hauppauge HD PVR. Since then, the Hauppauge Colossus has been released. The main difference between the two is that the HD PVR is an external USB connected device whereas the Colossus is a single slot PCIe card […]

About a month ago I had posted about an announcement that individual TV show episode support was coming to My Movies, the popular plug in for Windows Media Center, as part of the My Movies 4 release. Well, today the wait is over for many anxious users as the My Movies 4 Pre Release has […]

One feature that has been frequently requested for MyMovies is individual TV show episode support. This is probably the one feature that has kept me from considering MyMovies as my plugin of choice on my HTPC. Well, it has just been announced that TV show episode support should be arriving on or around March 1st, […]

With the family out of town this past weekend I had the house to myself to do whatever I pleased. Aside from watching 3 movies (considering I average watching 1 movie maybe every few months not too shabby!) I decided to tackle the project of pulling some recorded shows I had sitting on my cable […]

One common question I see asked is what is the best way to rip a TV Series Boxset. The biggest issue with TV Series Boxsets is that it is not particularly user friendly with episodes spanning across multiple discs. I have found that ripping each episode individually works the best, especially considering that most front […]