About a month ago I built a new desktop PC. I had noted that one issue I ran in to was that my Blu-ray ROM drive stopped being recognized, something I attributed initially to a bad drive. Before I started the RMA process I decided to use my Windows Home Server PC restore to restore […]

As many people who stream their media from servers can attest to, there is nothing more frustrating then when you unexpectedly start experiencing stuttering while playing back media. Although setting up a network is not relatively difficult, troubleshooting issues can be, especially since there are many variables involved. Problems could stem anywhere from bad cable […]

Up until now the only way to replace your power supply was to follow the instructions found here in the Wiki which requires you to modify an existing power supply. I am pleased to announce the availability of direct replacement Power Supply Units for the EXxxx Series MediaSmart Servers now being produced and sold by […]

If you’re a HP MediaSmart Server user and enjoy using your server then have you considered what you would do if your LAN port failed to work?   Oh man that’s one nightmare that I would not wish upon anyone and yet it does happen and so this prompted me to figure a way to restore […]

Long time forum member Charles aka “cakalapati” and his company VOV Technology have recently announced the availability of the 3rd generation of the HP MediaSmart Server VGA/PS2/Serial Debug Board. The board connects to the debug port on the motherboard of the HP MediaSmart Server and provides video, serial, and PS2 keyboard/mouse connectivity. This can be […]

Following the blog post on How to fix Twonky Issues in 3.0 Patch 2, Tim Daleo from Using Windows Home Server contacted Alex for some more details as he was suffering from the issue. In a unique collaboration between three Windows Home Server web sites, Alex Kuretz of talked Tim through how to troubleshoot […]

If you are like me, visualizing information can be much more intuitive than simply reading numbers and metrics. Windows Home Server gives us pie charts to show how our server storage is allocated, HP gives us the System Status tab to show CPU/memory/network load in real-time, and Disk Management gives us wireframes of our servers […]

The Windows Home Server Blog is featuring a guest article by a member of the WHS team that describes a long-lived issue with Windows Home Server and the popular OpenDNS and other similar services. When users or their Internet Service Provider switch to using OpenDNS, this can cause connection failures between the clients and the […]

Back in May I wrote about what I found to be a significant flaw with Windows Home Server, the fact that the Backup Software automatically excludes any folder named “temp” with no way for the user to add these folders back in or to even know that they would be excluded. I felt the pain […]

About a month ago Alex documented using Server Recovery to upgrade from his HP MediaSmart Server EX475 to the EX487. Overall, the process went smooth and Alex was able to successfully migrate his data from the EX475 to the EX487. I decided it was now my turn to do this, but instead do a server recovery […]