I have been a big fan of Sonos ever since I introduced the music streaming platform into my house over a year ago. Since then Sonos has made strides to add new features and services. Today, Sonos announced several new features that have been added. Also, if you are interested to know more about Sonos […]

If you read my review about the Sonos Wireless Multi-Room System you know that I think very highly abut Sonos and that it is my go to system for listening to music at home. Well, today we added a new addition to the Sonos family, the Sonos S3 (now known as the Play:3), which is […]

Last fall I posted a review on the Logitech Squeezebox Radio, which was my first foray into the dark world of wireless home audio. Today I am going to look at another wireless music system, the Sonos Wireless Multi-Room System. Similar to Logitech, Sonos relies on your home network (wired and/or wireless) for streaming music […]

Rhapsody, the popular online streaming service, is offering for a limited time a free 60 day trial. You can access Rhapsody on your PC, mobile devices, home audio system, and more. I generally use Pandora, which I have playing at work via my Squeezebox Radio or at home via my Sonos setup (review hopefully to […]

Just going through my emails I noticed I received an email from Pioneer Electronics advertising integration of Pandora (a free internet based radio station of sorts) into their latest in-dash receivers. This is all done from an iPhone running the Pandora app, connecting to the Pioneer receiver via USB. I recently discovered Pandora (actually I […]