Pre Release

This past Friday the next round of My Movies Pre Releases were released into the wild. The Pre Releases included My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.02 Pre Release 2, My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.10 Pre Release 1 and My Movies for Mac OS X 1.00 Pre Release 3. See the changelog […]

If you have been using My Movies with your Dune, you may have noticed that of late TV Shows suddenly stopped appearing on the Dune (TV Show functionality was just added several months ago) . Well, today a new release for My Movies (My Movies 4.01 PR1) has just been released that hopes to address […]

For those of you who have bravely jumped on board Windows Home Server 2011, a new update to My Movies, the popular media management software, has just been released. Version 2.0 Pre Release 5 was released yesterday. If you are a Windows Home Server v1 user, you can continue to use version Pre Release […]