I generally like to update to the latest versions of software as they come out (whether beta or “stable”). There is always the chance that the new update may break something that was once working, but for the most part to date I have had very few issues. A few weeks ago I updated to […]

A few days ago I posted about an excellent tool called Another EAC3To GUI that can be used to create an mkv from either a Blu Ray or HD DVD disc. Today I will look at a slightly less direct method that is actually the method I use currently using two of my favorite tools, […]

With the introduction to mkvs out of the way, it is time to look at some of the very useful tools out there for creating mkvs. The first tool I wanted to look at is a free application called Another EAC3to GUI (also known as “the special sauce” in some circles ;-), but I will just abbreviate […]