Microsoft has announced the release of a public beta of their Windows Phone 7 Add-In that we first saw demonstrated at CES this year. The Add-In provides server management capabilities as well as streaming of music, photos and video, and the ability to upload pictures. The Add-In consists of two parts, a Windows Phone app […]

Details have been slowly coming out over Windows 8, and yesterday Microsoft released the first preview of Windows 8, sporting a new look and feel.  The focus, at least in the first preview, appears to be more of a touch based interface with App integration. The look is definitely quite different from Windows 7, I […]

The day has finally arrived!  Or “The Day of Reckoning” depending upon your point of view! WHS 2011 is in stock at an online retailer and now available for order. It was reported yesterday in Microsoft’s WHS 2011 forum, that the WHS 2011 System Builder software  is available for order at PC SuperStore for $106.56.  They are reporting that […]

Microsoft announced on May 9th, 2011 via their blog that the evaluation copy of Windows Home Server 2011 is now available.  You can download it via their website. In the Microsoft WHS 2011 forum, WHS 2011 was released to OEMs for sale on May 1st. It was stated that System Builder versions would probably NOT […]

The (Home and) Small Business Server team at Microsoft have announced that they have signed off on the RTM release of Windows Home Server 2011. This milestone starts the process of making it available for purchase via OEM solutions, MSDN/Technet, and hopefully via System Builder channels for those of you that want to build a […]

Ever since the Windows Home Server team was absorbed into the Small Business Server team I’ve observed a steady decline in the attention the team has placed on the average home user while designing the next generation Windows Home Server products. You have gotten a taste of this with the out of touch manner that […]

After more than two months of near silence, Microsoft have today announced the availability of the Release Candidate of Windows Home Server Vail. Along with the Release Candidate status we are also finally given a name for the product: Windows Home Server 2011. Here is the full announcement from Microsoft, stayed tuned for a more […]

Microsoft still can’t tell you how Windows Home Server Vail will protect your data after the removal of Drive Extender (and are apparently looking for a new home for the Home Server Team), yet yesterday they released Update Rollup 2 for Windows Home Server v1. Note that you will need to have Power Pack 3 […]

If you are using a Windows Live domain (those ending in then you may notice an outage today while Microsoft move the service to the Azure platform. The service will be unavailable for updates during a 24 hour period, so if your IP address changes during this time then you will lose Remote connectivity to your […]

In a surprise move today, Microsoft have released details on how to extend the expiration date of the Windows Home Server “Codename Vail” Beta. Although due to expire today, left as is the server will reboot hourly but continue to function allowing normal access to the server and it’s data. The method below will allow […]