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Some Random Thoughts

by Damian on March 21, 2011 · 30 comments

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I had a few things bouncing around in my head, so I thought I would jot them down in a post. Please accept my apologies in advance for my ramblings Upcoming Writeups/Reviews: Sonos – ok, this one is WAY overdue, I actually had pictures uploaded around September of last year for my writeup! Since Sonos […]

I am sure at some point you have come across some sort of email scam. Probably the most common one I have come across is an email about some incredibly wealthy member of Royalty who drove off a cliff to a death (a favorite place for this to happen is Nigeria or some other obscure […]

On Saturday I had to stop by Best Buy to pick up ink cartridges for my printer. I left with an iPad 2! I had been debating whether or not I would consider purchasing one a few days earlier but had convinced myself that I just didn’t need one.  When I stopped by Best Buy […]