I’ve personally been umming and ahhing for a while now on if I should make the move to WHS 2011 or stick with my trusty WHS v1 for a little while longer.  But with the recent round of price cuts on the OEM price of WHS 2011 this has made my decision even harder. are […]

Last year forum member erail posted a message about how he converted a demo EX470 to become an MediaSmart Server Port Multiplier giving him a matching port multiplier for his EX470 and he did a fine job.  Inspired with what erail had done I decided to do the same and since then I have converted […]

I’m very pleased to announce that today I received notification from Microsoft that I have been presented with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for Windows Home Server for the second year running. However, it gives me greater pleasure to announce that now have a third MVP on the team as Damian (dbone1026) […]

Back in March I wrote about AdminiMe 2010 written by Windows Home Server MVP Nick Asseloos of Asoft.  Nick has been hard at work on improvements to AdminiMe and fixes of issues reported by users. The new updated software has the same look and feel so if you’re already familiar with AdminiMe then you will feel […]

One of the biggest criticisms of the Popcorn Hour A-200(see my full review here) revolved around the design. The Popcorn Hour A-100, A-110, and C-200 (see my full review here) had all used an aluminum case and were fanless. This helped ensure that the devices ran quiet and cool, two very important things for any […]

If you are like me, visualizing information can be much more intuitive than simply reading numbers and metrics. Windows Home Server gives us pie charts to show how our server storage is allocated, HP gives us the System Status tab to show CPU/memory/network load in real-time, and Disk Management gives us wireframes of our servers […]

For me there is no better feeling then when you have technology working seamlessly in your home. However, when things go wrong it can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with. Maybe I am alone, but I find that especially when it comes to technology it is never just one thing that goes […]

Forum member “crzyhomer″ has uncovered a little known fact with Windows Media Connect in that you can only have 10 “Allowed” devices. His issue manifested itself when adding a new Playstation 3 to the network and he received a “Media Server Error: DLNA Protocol Error 501″. To see how many devices your server has registered […]

With CES 2010 taking place this week, I thought it would be a good chance  to get some feedback from our readers, what new gadgets/technology are you hoping to see introduced? Is it the latest smartphone, the next iGadget, an affordable robot to replace your spouse, or maybe you are just looking for simple products […]

2009 Year in Review

by Alex Kuretz on January 1, 2010

in News

2009 has been a busy year in many respects. This site has seen strong continuous growth with more than twice the number of daily visits at the end of the year as at the beginning of 2009. We’ve got a new Windows Home Server MVP, added new moderators and editors, released several Add-Ins, and even […]