Hulu, the popular online content aggregator for Windows Media Center that I highlighted a while back, has just released version 2.6 of their software. Here is the scoop on what is new: We have just released 2.6!  This version adds some features that make it easier to add TV shows and adds a new […]

Several years ago a  developer by the name of Yaggs started, a plugin for Windows Media Center that would integrate online content from Hulu into Windows Media Center. Hulu eventually released their own application which can easily be launched from Windows Media Center, which to an extent lessened the impact of Instead of […]

I was doing my usual morning read of some blogs I follow when I came across a post over at Multimedia-PCs that I thought was interesting. I do a lot of switching back and forth between Windows 7 Media Center, XBMC, and Boxee which can be a PITA since I can’t do this easily using […]

One of my goals with my digital home setup is to get online content sites like Hulu and Netflix integrated with my various media players. Ideally this would all happen at the WHS level with the media player(s) simply capturing and displaying the feed. There are currently a few options out there, such as PlayON and […]