Earlier this year I had posted about Media Browser 3 and some big changes that were coming. Well, just a short while ago a public beta was made available for both Media Browser Classic and Media Browser Server. Here is the developer’s recent post: I just posted links on our download page for public beta versions of both […]

The folks at XBMC has been quite busy leading into the holiday season. Earlier this month the beta 2 version of XBMC Frodo was released, notably with the long awaited support for the Android platform.  What do you know, two weeks later Frodo has left beta mode and is now out as a Release Candidate. […]

Another day, another Media Browser release . This time it is a small maintenance release (codename Atlas SP1). I haven’t been very active of late discussing HTPCs and related software, and much of that is due to some lost interest in the whole HTPC space. However, I started tinkering around with HTPCs again a few […]

The next version of Media Browser (version 2.6, Atlas) has just been released. The new version can be downloaded here. See below for highlights and changelog. Highlights: True searching with an on-screen keyboard has been added at all levels. The search screen is produced with ctl-s or the yellow button on your remote or via […]

One component that has been missing from XBMC has been the ability to bitstream HD Audio. Well, it looks like that feature might be right around the corner. In the recent XMBC blog the developers talk about AudioEngine, a complete re-write of the core audio sub-system of XMBC. Features of AE include: - support for DTS-MA […]

Media Browser 2.5.2 (Codename: Apollo) has just been released. The official announcement can be seen here as well as below. Also, keep in mind, due to the encryption of the mymovies.xml file discussed here, Media Browser will now look for movie.xml (although for the time being Media Browser will be backwards compatible with mymovies.xml). Media […]

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Media Browser 2.5 (Hydra) Released

by Damian on September 27, 2011 · 6 comments

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Just a few short hours ago the next version of Media Browser (codename Hydra) was just released into the wild. Some of the significant changes/fixes are highlighted below: Highlights: The biggest change in Hydra is something that should be completely transparent to the user but should yield performance improvements and provides us with some great […]

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by Damian on August 28, 2011 · 10 comments

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Right now I am sitting at home bored out of my mind. We somehow managed to get through what according to the media and politicians was going to be the storm of the century (don’t get me started on that nonsense), but being trapped in my house has me a little stir crazy (and there […]

A few weeks ago I decided to write an article about the Xtreamer Ultra, a mini-ITX PC announced by Xtreamer. A big reason for my article was because I felt there was a lot of confusion and questions about the Ultra. One of the big questions I had was about the claim that the Xtreamer […]

It has been nearly 2 1/2 months since the last update to Media Browser (Draco) was released. The developers continue to plug along, bringing new features and stability (hopefully) to Media Browser. Today the next version of Media Browser, Code Name Titan, has been released for public consumption. Below is a list of some of […]