The following is a guest article written by forum member Dan “Nomad” Muzenjak and is a supplement to his original article on upgrading the HP MediaSmart Server. Upgrading the HP EX485/487 MediaSmart Server: Removing the smoke and mirrors Part 2 – More Performance and a New Operating System You have seen the announcements by HP […]

With the acquisition of Palm many people have been waiting to see how HP was going to integrate webOS into their products. Well, HP finally let the cat out of the bag yesterday when they announced their new line of webOS devices. HP TouchPad: This is probably the device that has the most interest to […]

Brand new forum member “Edge” joined up just to share with us his HP MediaSmart Server EX470 and the massive media collection he has stored on it. The server has 4 internal hard drives, 4 drives in a Sans Digital TR4M-B connected via eSATA, and 12 more drives in Sans Digital TR4U-B USB enclosures all […]

Now that HP has announced that they are no longer making the MediaSmart Server or Data Vault products, it doesn’t take much thought to realize that there is a finite supply of these servers remaining for purchase. While the future of Windows Home Server Vail is still up in the air after the removal of […]

The following is a guest article contributed by forum member (and one of my former HP co-workers) “Pete”. Thanks to Pete for sharing his setup of the HP LX195 as a MythTV Personal Video Recorder Before I get into the details of my wicked LX195 setup, I feel like I should make a statement. My […]

The recent news that HP is discontinuing the MediaSmart Server will obviously bring up some questions about the future of this site. Long time readers know that while I initially created this site as a place for enthusiasts of the MediaSmart Server, it has grown to cover much more than just the HP Home Server […]

In what can only be considered hugely disappointing and quite possibly a significant blow to the future of Windows Home Server, Hewlett Packard has informed me that they have discontinued the MediaSmart Server and will not be releasing any more models either on the current version of Windows Home Server or the upcoming Vail platform. […]

HP has announced the release of two free HP Add-Ins that will be available beginning July 13th for the HP MediaSmart Server and HP Data Vault products. The first is an update to the previously released TiVo Add-In and allows customers to schedule series recordings of their favorite programs and have them automatically copied over […]

Up until now the only way to replace your power supply was to follow the instructions found here in the Wiki which requires you to modify an existing power supply. I am pleased to announce the availability of direct replacement Power Supply Units for the EXxxx Series MediaSmart Servers now being produced and sold by […]

When HP released the Data Vault X310 it was for North America only, and customers around the rest of the world were feeling left out. HP has remedied that by recently releasing to Europe the X311 which is identical to the X310 we have here in the US. You can read my review of the […]