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Help, I need a Caddy!

by Alex Kuretz on November 14, 2012 · 4 comments

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The following is a guest article written by forum member Dan “Nomad” Muzenjak. Thank you, Dan, for sharing your hard work with us. Background The HP Media Vault Gen2 and MediaSmart Server were originally released by HP back in 2007. Since then HP upgraded them with different hardware and software, put in larger drives, different […]

Long time forum member VieuxJules has posted in the forums with his experience installing the new Windows Server 2012 Essentials beta on his HP MediaSmart Server EX470. Note that he has an upgraded server, most importantly increasing the stock 512MB of RAM to 2GB. While he installed it on the EX470, this process should work […]

I am pleased to announce that OverTek LTD in the UK has a new direct replacement PSU for the HP MediaSmart and Data Vault servers.   Back in July 2010 we first learned about OverTek LTD offering a direct replacement PSU for the HP MediaSmart Server.  Since then I have had the opportunity to actually test […]

It’s just a tiny little tick box buried in the HP server certification website but it’s still nice to see that HP is acknowledging that they know WHS 2011 is out there.  According to their website Windows Home Server 2011 is now officially supported on the HP Proliant MicroServer and they go so far as […]

Most of the news out from HP recently has all been doom and gloom so it’s quite refreshing to see that someone in there is still focusing on something positive.  I’ve personally quite liked the look of the MicroServer and these new spec bumps make it that little bit nicer.

I’m sure all the avid tech readers out there would have picked up on this already but it’s been let slip that HP intend to discontinue operations in the WebOS device space.  And this is only a short year after HP paid a chunky $1.2 billion to purchase WebOS.  I have to say…

A developer named Louis who goes by the forum name “lpn” has notified me that he has a working driver and service for the MediaSmart Server to allow the LEDs to function under Windows Home Server 2011. So far the driver is not packaged as an Add-In, and only supports a limited number of hardware […]

Replacing the CPU is a common upgrade for those that want to increase the performance of their MediaSmart Server, however there is sometimes risk involved with the upgrade and some users have “bricked” their server in the process. Christian Johnson of Maplegrove Partners has been in touch to let us know that he has published […]

The following is a guest article contributed by forum member (and one of my former HP co-workers) “Pete”, who has also shared his LX195 MythTV setup with us in a previous article. I have successfully setup Ubuntu and Raid5 on a couple of different Media Smart Servers, and found the process not all that bad. […]

The following is a guest article written by forum member Dan “Nomad” Muzenjak. The first generation HP Media Vault enjoyed a small but loyal following of users and in some ways was a precursor to the MediaSmart Server, so it’s nice to see Dan breathe new life into these older devices. Thank you, Dan, for […]