This is part 2 of a multi-part review of the Drive Bender software for Windows Home Server 2011. Part 1 is available here. In this section, we’ll cover the Drive Bender terminology and how to install Drive Bender.  If you’re thinking about installing Drive Bender,  there are some important points I’ll discuss about the product […]

About 4 months again a major update for Remote Potato was released. I had been planning to put together a detailed walkthru on setting up and using, but it seemed like whenever I started something would always come up that would derail me. Well, since I have been using Remote Potato fairly consistently for the […]

The following is a guest article written by forum member Chuck “chuckcoleman” Coleman and shares his experience putting together a solution in Windows Home Server 2011 to replace the Media Collector feature he missed from the MediaSmart Server. Thank you, Chuck, for sharing your solution! Several months ago I decided that I was going to […]

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Guide: Building A PC

by Damian on August 18, 2011 · 57 comments

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For a while now I have been wanting to upgrade my desktop PC. I had a Gateway Intel Q6600 Quad Core PC that had served me well, but was getting a bit long in the tooth for my needs (specifically more CPU intensive tasks such as encoding, commercial scanning, etc…). This combined with an itch […]

I recently wrote a review about CloudBerry Backup 2.2 for Windows Home Server v1 and thought it might be helpful to give you a quick guide to get setup and running quickly. I leveraged both the CloudBerry Labs site as well as my own learnings to provide the following. Here’s what you’ll be doing: Sign […], the popular online content aggregator for Windows Media Center that I highlighted a while back, has just released version 2.6 of their software. Here is the scoop on what is new: We have just released 2.6!  This version adds some features that make it easier to add TV shows and adds a new […]

A few months ago I wrote an article about updating profiles in MCEBuddy 2.0 Beta 13. MCEBuddy is a small application that can monitor PC DVR recordings, converting to a variety of formats as well as removing commercials. When MCEBuddy 2.0 Beta 13 was released a basic UI was introduced meant more for testing purposes […]

By the title you make think this is going to be a post about the time I ate Taco Bell and the hours that followed Well, as much as I would love to share “ripping” stories, this post will be about a different sort of ripping. I just received my Lord Of The Ring (LOTR) […]

Over a year ago I put together a quick guide on how to set up Bitstreaming HD Audio using FFDShow. At the time FFDShow was really the only game in town for bitstreaming HD Audio from a PC, but slowly over the past year things have evolved and more solutions have come about. One solution […]

Replacing the CPU is a common upgrade for those that want to increase the performance of their MediaSmart Server, however there is sometimes risk involved with the upgrade and some users have “bricked” their server in the process. Christian Johnson of Maplegrove Partners has been in touch to let us know that he has published […]