For me there is no better feeling then when you have technology working seamlessly in your home. However, when things go wrong it can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with. Maybe I am alone, but I find that especially when it comes to technology it is never just one thing that goes […]

I recently saw a TV commercial from broadband provider Qwest that put a humorous twist on the very serious issue of data loss. In the commercial a mortified boy poses in a crib, in a high chair and on an undersized bicycle for new baby photos after his father dropped his laptop and lost all […]

A recent article of the magazine Government Computer News featured the MediaSmart Server EX470 server on the front cover, though with the HP and Windows Home Server logos removed. The article covers a study about techniques for more efficient cooling of computer data centers, and since HP is mentioned as a participating company in the […]

At my job we have an order placed with HP for some new equipment, including three servers, a couple storage arrays, and other miscellaneous parts. Yesterday we received the first part of that order, 6 x 7-foot network cables. Each cable was individually packaged inside a cardboard box, and all six boxes came inside a […]

After reading the blog about Jon Stewart and recalling how Comedy Central has had the “Indecision 200x” campaign for every election in the past few years, I figured I’d check to see if people had bought the domains for future elections. Sure enough, the next few elections domains have been bought (,, etc). What […]