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Forum member “crzyhomer″ has uncovered a little known fact with Windows Media Connect in that you can only have 10 “Allowed” devices. His issue manifested itself when adding a new Playstation 3 to the network and he received a “Media Server Error: DLNA Protocol Error 501″. To see how many devices your server has registered […]

2009 Year in Review

by Alex Kuretz on January 1, 2010

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2009 has been a busy year in many respects. This site has seen strong continuous growth with more than twice the number of daily visits at the end of the year as at the beginning of 2009. We’ve got a new Windows Home Server MVP, added new moderators and editors, released several Add-Ins, and even […]

Forum member “jmpage2″ has shared a writeup of his experience setting up a video surveillance system with his Home Server. He received an early Christmas present in the form of a Panasonic BB-HCM511A network camera that features Power over Ethernet, motion detection and audio capabilities, and he attached it outside his home to monitor the […]

There is no denying that the MediaSmart Server is one attractive piece of home computer equipment. Some people love the hardware, but would rather run another operating system besides Windows Home Server. We’ve seen a few users install Server 2003, a few more have tried Server 2008, but the largest and most active group have […]

Long-time forum member “cavediver” was first spotlighted in my Massive Storage and the MediaSmart Server blog post, when he shared his 17-drive, 21 terabyte MediaSmart Server setup with us. A little while after he increased his storage capacity to 27 terabytes across 22 drives by adding an additional 4-drive Sans Digital storage enclosure. This led […]

Forum moderator Nigel “Cougar” Wilks has been hard at work getting all the steps ironed out for installing the 2.5 Software Update installed and running on the EX470 and EX475 MediaSmart Server, and I’ve been helping out when I can. This has been made more complicated by HP pulling the original 26972 release, but fortunately […]

If you’ve seen the MediaSmart Server in retail stores, you’ve likely seen the demo units that are created to show off the sleek form factor and soothing blue glow of the server. These demo units are stripped down to pretty much just a shell with a power supply and LEDs. The motherboard is in the […]

Forum Moderator Nigel “Cougar” Wilks is at it again, this time with the beginnings of a series of tutorials that will guide EX470 and EX475 users on how to get the recent 2.5 Software Update running on their first generation MediaSmart Servers. Note that this is a work in progress and does not yet get […]

One of the great community topics we’ve had going in the forums for quite a while is the “Show Off Your Server” topic, where members share pictures of their home servers, networking closets, and home theater setups. In the past couple of weeks we have had two forum members sharing their MediaSmart Servers and the […]

Forum member “dbone1026″ aka Damian has spent the last few months testing, evaluating, and comparing many of the different Media Center software packages that are available, and he’s been documenting this process the entire time with us in the forums. His reviews include detailed descriptions, impressions of the features and user experience, and several screenshots […]