Forced Subtitles

Another interesting application I came across is a handy little tool called HdBrStreamExtractor. It is a simple GUI that was designed to utilize EAC3To to extract audio/video/subtitle streams from Blu Rays and HD DVDs.  If you read my post on using Clown_BD + MKVMerge to create an mkv the process is nearly identical, except HdBr […]

A few days ago I posted about an excellent tool called Another EAC3To GUI that can be used to create an mkv from either a Blu Ray or HD DVD disc. Today I will look at a slightly less direct method that is actually the method I use currently using two of my favorite tools, […]

About a month ago MakeMKV released version 1.4.10 which finally brought HD audio into the mix. For those who don’t know, MakeMKV is a great little program that will decrypt your DVD (no additional software such as AnyDVD is required), allow you to pick and choose what parts of the DVD you want to keep, and […]