The 3.0 Patch 2 update we first told you about earlier this week is now starting to trickle down via the HP Software Update feature. Forum member “TechVet” was the first to post about seeing the update on his server, and I verified that my secondary server had received the update at 5:46AM MST. You […]

Sharp eyed reader Chuck Coleman has spotted a software update package for the HP MediaSmart Server and HP Storageworks X510 DataVault products. The software package shows a version of and appears to be the rumored Patch 2 release we’ve heard mentioned in the forums. The package does appear to be for all languages, and […]

If you are the proud owner of an earlier model of the HP MediaSmart Server such as the EX470/EX475/EX485/EX487, you’ve probably been reading the reviews and watching with a little bit of envy the new features available to owners of the more recent EX490 and EX495. A while ago, HP promised the community an update […]

HP has sent along the message that many of you have been anxious to hear for quite some time now: the 3.0 software update for the EX470/EX475/EX485/EX487 servers will be available later this week and will start shipping next week. I’ve had copies of the upgrade DVD’s for about two weeks now and have performed […]

I’ve been using my trusty EX475 since roughly September of 2007 when I was working at HP and we wrapped up development of the very first MediaSmart server. This unit has served me very well over the past two years with no significant issues encountered (though I have had problems with network switches). Since this […]

As many of you have noticed, December is solidly here and we’re getting anxious to see the 3.0 Software Update for the EX470/EX475 and EX485/EX487 MediaSmart Servers. The last update we had from HP back in October indicated a December release date and an estimated price of $25 for the upgrade. Today we’ve got an […]

Owners of the first and second generation of the MediaSmart Server have been looking on the new 3.0 software that ships with the EX490 and EX495 with a bit of jealousy over the past few weeks. Back in May HP committed to delivering an upgrade for these customers so that they could be running the […]

About a month ago Alex documented using Server Recovery to upgrade from his HP MediaSmart Server EX475 to the EX487. Overall, the process went smooth and Alex was able to successfully migrate his data from the EX475 to the EX487. I decided it was now my turn to do this, but instead do a server recovery […]

I’m happy to announce the release of a new version of MSS Fan Control, the Windows Home Server Add-In that allows you to modify the behavior of the exhaust fans in the HP MediaSmart Server EX470 and EX475. Note that this Add-In only works with the EX470 and EX475, I’d love to support the newer […]

I’ve just received an announcement from HP with some welcome news for EX470 and EX475 owners. HP has made the Amazon S3 Online Backup and Apple Time Machine Backup features available as download-able Add-Ins for owners of the first generation MediaSmart Server. Note that these features are already available in the EX485/EX487/LX195 servers. HP EX470/475 […]