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For over 3 years my Windows Home Server (codename: Shawshank) has been humming along. At this point I would have thought I would have upgraded my server to a new OS, but due to the successor of WHSv1 removing some critical functionality I decided to sit on the sidelines a little longer. Now that Server Essentials […]

For anyone who likes to keep a very close eye on their hard drives you may be interested in the new public beta of Home Server SMART 2012 that Matt has just put out. It adds a bunch more great features to the initial version for WHS v1 he put out almost exactly two years […]

Drive Bender released today version, their third update since the initial launch on October 14th.  This update corrects the following items: Release v1.2.1.5 release (2011-11-07) – Update: Implemented the “Pool setup wizard”. – Update: Fully integrated help system. – Update: Documentation has been greatly improved. – Bug fix: A number issues with add, merge and convert […]

In the last post, we discussed creating a Pool Instance (Drive Pool) and adding in a blank hard drive to start your pool for a new installation.  For those of you that are currently using Windows Home Server 2011, this article is for you! Terminology Drive Bender allows you to add hard drives to your […]

With Windows Home Server 2011 out and running, the biggest complaint most users have is the lack of Drive Extender (DE) being incorporated into the operating system, which was included in WHS v.1.  Drive Extender allows users to use any size hard drive (JBOD-Just A Bunch Of Drives) in their system and consolidate them so it looked […]

Drive Bender, the DE Replacement Add-in for Windows Home Server 2011, has finally made its way out of beta status and is now a Release Candidate. For full information on RC1 and well as the release notes, see below: Here are the release notes for RC1 Release v1.2.0.0 release candidate 1 (2011-10-04) – Update: New […]

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Drive Bender Beta 4 Lands

by Damian on June 21, 2011 · 7 comments

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Drive Bender, the DE Replacement Add-in for Windows Home Server 2011, has just released their beta 4 version. A full list of changes can be seen below: Drive Bender beta 4 has finally landed. This is a monumental release as it represents the last major beta version. From here there will be a number of […]

An update to Drive Bender, the DE replacement for Windows Home Server 2011, has just been released. See the release notes below: Release v1.1.4.1 – beta (2011-06-07) – Bug fix: Under high CPU usage, a number of file system errors could occur. This bug also effected other areas of the application, and could have cause […]

Drive Bender, one of the DE replacement Add-ins looking to occupy your Windows Home Server 2011 console, has just announced the release of Beta 3. In conjunction with the release Drive Bender also announced a special pricing option available to all those who are currently beta testing Drive Bender. If you are currently testing Drive […]

An update for Drive Bender Beta 2, the add in for several Operating Systems including Windows Home Server 2011 which brings back the Drive Extender feature removed from WHS 2011, has just been released. I have not had a lot of time to spend with Drive Bender to really give good feedback, although from the […]