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If you happen to be both a Boxee Box and SlingBox owner there is some good news. Slingbox has just released the SlingPlayer App for the Boxee Box. This will allow you to extend your SlingBox’s LiveTV feed directly to your Boxee Box for viewing. The only real advantage for this would be if you […]

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Review: Boxee for iPad App

by Damian on August 15, 2011 · 9 comments

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Just last week Boxee released their much anticipated iPad App. I had a chance this weekend to install and do some testing, so let’s take a closer at what the Boxee for iPad App brings to the table. Requirements: Boxee for iPad App (free) Boxee Media Manager (optional) iPad Boxee Box (optional) Boxee account (free) […]

Well, the folks over at Boxee have been busy at work. An iPad App had been mentioned a while ago, and it has now officially been released into the wild. The iPad App will allow you to access Boxee content directly on your iPad, play back local content from your PC on the iPad, and […]

Last week Boxee released a new firmware update for their Boxee Box media player. The update brought a lot of new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately this was also met with two critical changes in my opinion. The first was removing the ability to decode TrueHD to 5.1 channel PCM. Instead Boxee Box will decode […]

A while back I put together a review of the Boxee Box. Since then there have been many fixes/updates (such as the addition of Netflix and Vudu) that have made the Boxee Box a more viable option in the media player world. Much has changed since my original review so I have been planning on […]

As I rummage through various forums I have noticed increased discussions about Cinavia. For those who don’t know Cinavia is a digital rights management system (i.e. DRM) meant to limit unauthorized use of certain movies in Blu-ray players. There are two parts to Cinavia. The first part is a watermark that is embedded in the […]

About a week ago  new firmware was released only to mysteriously disappear within hours due to numerous bugs. Well, a new firmware has just been released, and hopefully this starts to right the ship which has been on a very odd journey. One item in particular worth mentioning is that Vudu has now officially been […]

Well, it looks like the folks at Boxee are already making a splash in 2011, just not in the manner in which I am sure they hoped. There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming firmware release for the Boxee Box (called SP3). Boxee had made several promises over Twitter and via their […]

A little over a month ago I reviewed the Boxee Box, and although it showed a great deal of promise it was still rough around the edges. The Boxee developers have been hard at work to squash the various bugs and well as bring further enhancements, but it looks like they are not content with […]

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Review: Boxee Box

by Damian on November 20, 2010 · 23 comments

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Probably one of the most hyped and anticipated media players this year is the Boxee Box. For those who have never heard of Boxee, it is a cross platform Home Theater PC software that combines online content, local playback, all sprinkled in with some social networking. Recently Boxee decided to bring their software to a […]