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Well, the folks over at Boxee have been busy at work. An iPad App had been mentioned a while ago, and it has now officially been released into the wild. The iPad App will allow you to access Boxee content directly on your iPad, play back local content from your PC on the iPad, and […]

Last month I picked up the iPad 2, a bit of a spontaneous buy, and to date I have been debating whether or not the purchase was worth it. Well, a few days ago Cablevision released their free iPad App (called the Optimum for iPad App) which may have single-handedly justified my purchase. The new […]

A little over a month ago I reviewed the Boxee Box, and although it showed a great deal of promise it was still rough around the edges. The Boxee developers have been hard at work to squash the various bugs and well as bring further enhancements, but it looks like they are not content with […]

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Review: My Movies iPad App

by Damian on November 10, 2010 · 35 comments

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One iPad App that I have been anxiously awaiting (even though I don’t own an iPad but do have access to one via a family member) is the My Movies App. I have been using the My Movies Pro App for my iPod/iPhone for some time and it has been a great compliment to my […]

As someone who stores all my media on my Windows Home Server I am always looking at different products available for streaming my media remotely. This includes being able to access content remotely over the internet as well as portable devices such as an iPhone. About a week ago I came across a product called […]

Anyone who follows my writings either on the blog here or on various forums that I participate in knows that I am not a big Apple Fan, I never quite drank from the Apple “Kool Aid”. However, I do acknowledge how Apple has shaped media consumption (or as others have referred to, revolutionized). I own […]

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Are You Buying An iPad?

by Damian on March 23, 2010 · 111 comments

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Unless you live under a rock you have undoubtedly heard about the much anticipated Apple iPad. I had thought about doing a quick post when the iPad was first announced, but it seemed like everyone and their mother was covering, so I thought I would wait for some of the hoopla to die down. Over […]