Odds are if you rip your Blu-ray collection (the main movie only) using a tool like Clown_BD you have come across at least several movies where there have been multiple playlists for what appear to all be for the main movie. Typically this will occur when there are multiple languages of the same movie included […]

By the title you make think this is going to be a post about the time I ate Taco Bell and the hours that followed Well, as much as I would love to share “ripping” stories, this post will be about a different sort of ripping. I just received my Lord Of The Ring (LOTR) […]

If  you rip your DVD/BluRay collection to your hard drive you undoubtedly know about Slysoft’s AnyDVD software, which removes the encryption from discs enabling the user to easily copy over. AnyDVD is also an integral tool for many third party applications such as Clown_BD and Another EAC3To GUI. Even if you don’t backup your DVD […]