3.0 Update

The long awaited HP 3.0 upgrade for the EX47x and EX48x has now made its way to the proud and loyal MediaSmart Server users.  We’ve been reading in the forums about the many different experiences members have had with the upgrade process, and thought we’d compile your stories, the successes, the problems and solutions within […]

Dave and crew have released episode 78 of the Home Server Show, and I was invited to make a guest appearance to discuss the HP 3.0 Software Update for the MediaSmart Server. Be sure to give them a listen for their take on the latest Home Server News and Add-Ins.

If you are the proud owner of an earlier model of the HP MediaSmart Server such as the EX470/EX475/EX485/EX487, you’ve probably been reading the reviews and watching with a little bit of envy the new features available to owners of the more recent EX490 and EX495. A while ago, HP promised the community an update […]

HP has sent along the message that many of you have been anxious to hear for quite some time now: the 3.0 software update for the EX470/EX475/EX485/EX487 servers will be available later this week and will start shipping next week. I’ve had copies of the upgrade DVD’s for about two weeks now and have performed […]