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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:11 pm 
2.0TB storage
2.0TB storage

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This entire post is about a 5 minute read. Go get some coffee. But to reduce the pain a bit, I summarized it just below.

First a big THANK YOU for their plethora of posts that I used for information, reference, and arrow pointing that helped prepare me to tackle this task: Yakuza, Comp1962, Guardian, Diehard, Ruben Rocha on & aker on

Most familiar with this space would agree that WHS v1 was and still is a viable if not the preferred OS for a home server. But with it more or less dead, buried, and flowers growing on the grave, others would call it "obsolete." For those like me who still prefer it over any other choices out there, this thread outlines the process of fully updating WHSv1 off-line. Now without an internet connection or pushed updates from windows update or HP, the OS can still be fully updated and remain fully functional. Covered is the setup and use of a custom WHS specific build of WSUS Off Line Updater. This WSUS build will complete an off-line update install for the base OS w2k3r2 by installing Service Pack 2, all the critical updates, all the security updates, and the wannacry updates. For the WHSv1 overlay, it installs any missing Power Packs, Convenience Rollups and missing updates. Also outlined is how to capture and install the HP console updates.

So now, after MS & HP has completely left us out in the cold, you can still install, reload, and fully updated home server OS.

It probably doesn't need to be said, but for those new to WHS, it and the HP media/interface updates have been considered "EOL" for something like 5 years now. WHSv1 "Quatro" has been dead since January 2013 and so has it's core OS server w2k3r2. Today, should you try to manually download updates for either from Microsoft's Update Catalog or even view updates information, you get no cooperation from Microsoft. Almost as bad is MS has been steadily trimming the number of pushed w2k3 and WHSv1 updates coming from Windows Updates. What was a total of over 236 updates in the middle of 2017 is now (12/2018) only about three dozen.

Not to mention, HP also ended support for its WHS media overlays long, long ago. As of this writing, updating the HP software from the Mediasmart console after a fresh install will still yield you a full update (if you start with disk v3.0). But the writing is on the wall. Only two of the three HP ver. 3.0 Server Patches are left on their support web site.


A few months ago I started finding and capturing the URL's for all the WHS updates, and tested several off-line updater programs to install them. None were successful. As it turns out it took a specially modified build of the program WSUS off-line (thanks again to aker, one of the WSUSOL forum admins for spending so much time on this), and testing both on virtual machines and hardware by myself, to get it friendly, up to the task, & fully functional. This version of WSUS now contains all the Microsoft updates for two of the three OS levels (w2k3r2 & WHSv1) in the HP MSS. Everything has been conveniently dropped into an .iso file along with an auto installer. So no matter which WHS recovery disk you use (or even if you are using a Microsoft sourced WHS OS disk), you'll be fully updated with all the critical and security updates for the core OS, as well as a .NET framework 4.0, C++ and the WHS overlay already baked in.

Outlined below is how to fully update off-line, either headless or with an external VGA monitor.

WHS v1 OFF-LINE UPDATING (Pre-Preparation Notes):

1. If you have a debug board or VGA cable, you will need to temporarily plug in a USB keyboard and mouse to the server.
2. For headless installs, after the OS Reset / Recovery Disk and Software Installation disk has been installed, just RDP into the server to complete the update process.
3. An alternative to RDP is a free server console add-in for WHSv1 from amicLabs called Advanced Administrator Console (v0.5.4). The AAC add-in will let you view the server desktop directly from your server console (and still happens to available free as of this writing here: ... ued-addins).

What follows are the off line update install steps for all three OS levels (w2k3r2, WHSv1, HP):


Ideally, this preparation step should be done now, before all support has ended, primarily so you capture all the available HP updates for off line storage.

1. Verify your MSS has all the latest HP updates installed by checking for updates in the HP server console/Windows Home Server Settings/HP MediaSmart Server/HP update.
2. Once verified, RDP into the server desktop, go to C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP MediaSmart Server\data\.updates\.applied. Here you will find all the HP updates that your MSS version will accept.
3. Copy these HP updates files to a USB stick and put them somewhere safe.
4. Edit 5/19 updating link: Next, go to :arrow: ... 164#p27164 This will lead you to a mediafire link that will provide the WSUS program .iso with all the updates baked in. Two .iso's are there. One is a BETA global language, the other is the working version.
5. Download the iso and burn it to a CD or use Rufus to import to a USB. If you're not sure how to do that look here: ... ve-2619270
5a Edit 5/19: Rufus now does not recognize the .iso format the updates are on. I found it easier to install Pismo, an .iso mounting program that lets you view and copy the contents of an .iso. Once the program is installed, right click on the .iso, and select PFM Open. You can then copy the contents to whatever media is most convenient.

Easy Peazy. Now the real fun begins.

PHASE TWO - WHS v1 OFF-LINE UPDATING (Initial OS install & Terminal Setup):

1. Pull ALL your server drives out if any are installed. You may skip this step if you are just doing a OS recovery.
2. Install the HDD destination drive for the fresh OS install in the bottom WHS slot
3. Fully disconnect the terminal you are using to install the server OS with from the internet. If the terminal has wireless internet access, go ahead and disable that too
4. Fully remove the HP software and Windows connector from the terminal (if installed)
5. Disable any antivirus and all three firewall properties found in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Windows Firewall With Advanced Security\Windows Firewall Properties
6. Connect a LAN cable directly between the server and the terminal
7. From the terminal, complete a fresh factory reset with the Server Recovery disk
8. If using a w7x64 terminal or newer, when the recovery ends, you will get a warning that the terminal cannot be setup. Just click past this.
9. From the terminal, remove the Recovery disk. Then, run the Software Installation Disk. Work thru the Software Installation setting up your user name, password, etc. Remain fully off line
10. Open the Server console. You will get notification that the server wants to check on line for and install the HP updates. Just click OK, since you're off line the check will fail. No worries, just click past this.

As an aside, my ex49x is setup to bypass the PXE paperclip install method in favor of the far easier USB method found here. (this is not needed on the ex47x or the ex48x). (viewtopic.php?f=25&t=14522)

PHASE THREE - WHS v1 OFF-LINE UPDATING (Installing the w2k3r2 & WHS updates):

1. Gain desktop access to the sever. If using Advanced Administrator Console, put the AAC .msi file onto a USB stick, transfer it to the ./software/addins share, and install the add in thru the console. Otherwise use RDP from the terminal.
2. Using either a burned DVD or a USB of the updates .iso made in Phase 1, create a folder on the server desktop and transfer the .iso contents onto the server. It's a few Gb of updates so be patient
3. Open the folder, find the application named UpdateInstaller, and open the application
4. In the Updating Installation section, leave update C++ Runtime Libraries, Install .NET framework 4.x, Update Root Certificates, and Update Remote Desktop Client checked. You will not need to update Silverlight unless you are using the server to access the web (not recommended). Due to compatibility issues, you probably don't want to update to Management Framework 4.0 either.
5. In the Control section, select automatic reboot and recall so the install will run without user intervention.
6. Regarding selecting Show Log File: Selecting this is not recommended as the install stops on every automatic reboot to display the log file. Only select this when using a VGA connection, you don't mind manually closing the log file after every restart and manually beginning the update run again.
7. Regarding Remote Desktop Access: When using RDP or AAC, you will lose desktop access at the first update reboot and will be unable to view the log anyhow. Don't worry about logging back in to desktop while the server is updating. Just let it continue thru the install process.
8. Viewing the Update Log File via RDP/AAC: If you don't have a VGA connection but want to view the log files after the install is complete, they are located at C:\Windows\wsusofflineupdate.log on the server.
9. Select start and the automatic update process will begin. The command line activity will show the install detail. For reference, if you happen to be using the WHS v3.0 OS install disk, plan on a 3-4 hour update process with at least 6 auto reboots, longer if your install disk is older.
10. The install process: The first updates to install are for WHS. They have to install one by one so you will see the restarts happening fairly frequently. Last to install will be a large w2k3 update. Once the server has settled in without rebooting for a while, RDP back into the desktop
11. Open the UpdateInstaller application and run again just to verify all updates have been installed. I found after running the Automatic Reboot and Recall installs, I had to run the program twice manually to pick up a few remaining updates. For the final update checks, you don't need to select automatic reboot and recall and if you want, you can view the log file it will show you the update status

OFF-LINE UPDATING s2k3r2 OS AND WHS OVERLAY - Known issues at 12/18:

1. For some reason, the WSUS off line program errors on the install one w2k3 update, kb3033890. Until this error is fixed, it can be manually installed by going to this location in the WSUS program file you placed on the server desktop in step 2 above: .\w2k3\enu, finding windowsserver2003-kb3033890-x86-enu_<sha1>.exe, double clicking on it, and manually installing.
2. File hashes are not properly verifying yet.
3. Only support for an English version is currently available
4. This section will be updated as the WSUS/WHSv1 program matures


The last level of updates comes from HP. These HP updates are primarily media related, are also relatively easy to install, and include the HP terminal user interface updates.

As of this writing, you can still the find available to download the HP ver. 3.2 (Server Patch 2 v3.2.13.4990) & ver. 3.3 (Server Patch 3 v3.3.13.5433) on HP's support web under support software & drivers for the ex49x.

However, the large 150,236mb HP ver. 3.0 Server Patch 1 (v3.0.14.33083) has been pulled down. Why they pulled the primary patch down but left the smaller patches is anyone's guess. All I can say for sure is that based on an initial install of the HP v3.0 recovery disk, the primary v3.0 update (v3.0.6.31983, 304mb) is installed during a server recovery OS install. Incidentally, after you run the v3.0 Software Installation Disk, v3.0.6 will permit you to connect a x64 windows 7 terminal even without Patch 1.

I have also noticed that some ex47x & ex48x install disks include the v3.0 along with Patch 1 (dated 11/09) and some only have v2.0 & 1.1 (dated 11/08 & 11/07) The HP patch 1.3.8 for the ex47x, and the HP patch 2.5 for the ex48x is also MIA for an external download from HP. But recovery disk v1.1 will still currently update to 1.3.8 and recovery disk v2.0 will still currently update to 2.5 thru a console update download.

The good news is (as mentioned earlier), after you complete the HP update thru the console, all of these HP patches are stored in the server at C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP MediaSmart Server\data\.updates\.applied. If you already have a fully updated working server, you're in luck. Just follow the pre-preparation instructions written above and you're in like Flynn.

The update path seems to be 1.1, 1.3, 1.4, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, then the three 3.0 patches. My understanding is you need to install each update on top of another, earliest to latest. For example, you can't go straight from 1.3 to 3.3, If anyone can add more clarification on this please chime in. So be sure to check in your server's add remove programs to see what version goes in with the base install before updating anything.

Also, if anyone on the forum has any of these other HP updates stored off line please let me know so we can make them all available in a drop box.


Now that you've secured the HP updates specific to the install disks you have, the off line install method for them is described here in detail: ( ... datavault/ ).

A quick outline follows:
1. Locate the previously saved update file you are planning to install and move it to a software share on the server
2. Start the WHS console, navigate to settings/mediasmart server (or data vault) tab/HP update tab.
3. Click the "search" button.
4. Browse to the software share folder you stored the update file in. Click next and the server will retrieve and launch the installer.
5. Once the install is complete, the console will restart, the updated console will appear, and you are ready to continue the manual update process.

That's it, just be sure to re-enable your firewalls and antivirus software on your terminal. You've now fully updated your WHS v1 OS off-line and you don't need cooperation from Microsoft updates or HP updates to do it anymore!

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Plus a Few Spare EX490's to Tinker With

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:01 pm 
Max Contributor
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Good document maybe it should be posted to the guides section.
I think a moderator needs to do that.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:19 am 
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WOW!!! :encore:
I can't say thank you enough.... I have copied and saved your text and downloaded all the files you have linked to.

I will try (at some point) a clean offline reload and enjoy being able to do so with your great information.

Thank you I will report back (when I find time to do this) with all results.

If this goes the way it should, you sir are AWESOME!!!!! :cheers: And Microsoft can go pound sand :lol:

I knew it could be done, but you have done it..... Wow!!!

To you and yours, Have a Awesome Holidays!!!!
Good Luck and enjoy!!!

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:14 pm 
2.0TB storage
2.0TB storage

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Gardian, My pleasure to give back something to you and such an awesome and helpful group of folks found here.

All the advice I've received and knowledge found on has saved my bacon more than once. And a special thanks to Yakuza for leaving the forum live for so long after our little servers have been considered "obsolete".

As I noted in an edit of a comment I posted on another of your threads, if you did a recent OS install or recovery that might have only gotten the 36 or so updated MS is still pushing, you can use the same WSUS/WHSv1 off-line updater to check that you have all the updates available.

EX-495 w/ WHS v1
VGA / PS2 Keyboard_Mouse debug board
Q8200s CPU w/ two 30mm cooling fans
4gb G.Skill CL5 Ram
7200 RPM WD Gold
Rear Case Cover Mod

Plus a Few Spare EX490's to Tinker With

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