You can still get Win 10 for free with a Win7 / Win 8 key.
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Author:  Gardian [ Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  You can still get Win 10 for free with a Win7 / Win 8 key.

Posted this Oct.2017
I hear one can still get Win 10 for free upgrade on a pc that has a real Win 7 key. Not that I would want it, but some may. :crazy: :lol:

Author:  Ruben Rocha [ Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I hear you can still get Win 10 for free with a Win7 key

If you are already on win 7 I would go for it.
I never used win 7 but I did use win8
Win 10 is much better than win7 or 8.
Less crashes and no response issues.
I tried won10 64 and had a lot of issues but win10 32 is more stable on my machine.
Even though the upgrade tool stated win10 64 would work,

I was on win8 at the time.
the first version of win10 sucked, But after a sp upgrade it got better.
Now I don't know what happens if say the os drive dies.
Can I install win8 again and then upgrade to win10 again for free?

The one big issue I have is there is no way to turn off updates
There is some setting that states don't update if using pc.
But transferring a big 3tb drive takes days and I have had it reboot to finish the update during the transfer.
Only to start over again.
When win10 installs it makes a recovery file for in your case win 7.
You have 30days to use it to revert back to win7.
After 30 days the file self deletes.

Author:  Gardian [ Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I hear you can still get Win 10 for free with a Win7 key

Sounds like if you had a legal Win7 or higher key, you could use it to do a clean load of win10.
What I don't know is if you have a 64 bit key (say win7 or win8) if win10 would only let you install a 64 bit win10? Or if you could pick?

Now I do believe you get home for home and pro for pro, but I have no win10 pc's.
I won't have win10 cause it phones home to much stuff.

6 Win 7 pro desktops.
1 Vista desktop with a free win 7 that i should put on one of these days :-)
4 laptops with win7
1 laptop with xp pro. It is my server reset-er :-)

That is why I put clear tape over the key on every new pc I get so later I can still read the key, in case a drive dies and I can't do a factory reset, just a clean load.

Good Luck

Author:  Ruben Rocha [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I hear you can still get Win 10 for free with a Win7 key

It only Phones home if you setup the user account to login as a microsoft account.
If you read the fine print on the screen you can opt to add a user account the old way.
That is the way I did it.

Also it has a feature that if say you have multiple win10 boxes on the same network.
It will download only once on one pc then make it available to update to the other PC's.
They probably did that to save server resources on their end.

Author:  Gardian [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: You can still get Win 10 for free with a Win7 / Win 8 ke

To your question on what happens if a drive dies that had win 8 and then upgraded to win 10, what would happen.

It is my understanding that once you register the win8 key or win 7 key for the win 10 load, then it it forever linked to the win 10.
So you would be able to do a clean win 10 load with the win 8 key. That's what I hear....
This post I read was recommending that everybody update to win 10 to get their key locked in even if they reverted back to whatever they had before win 10 so that way they could always go get win 10 when they were ready.

I have started to transition away from Microsoft, slowly, I have a Mac book pro and I just replaced my wife's netbook with a ipad pro. She likes it since she got the iphone the two sync together so instead of surfing on her phone she now can surf on the ipad. The only negative thing about the ipad was getting it to talk to my networked brother lazer printer, but brother had a app for it so was pretty easy. Some of people depending on the printer might be out of luck on printing.

I am thinking maybe a ipad for me, but I am also looking at the Samsung chrome-books. But for right now, this 9 year old netbook with ssd and ram upgrade is still chugging along.

I will not give into win 10, I will not be forced, if Microsoft doesn't change their path, I will leave them. And I'm sure they could care less.
I would keep win7pro 64 bit on my Gaming rig, but that might get put out to pasture if the consoles keep getting better.
The server might be the hardest bit to find a replacement for, but the NetGear Nas might be a way to do it if I had to. We'll have to see what Microsoft does in the next 2-3 years.

Anyway, win 10 is still available because Microsoft wants everybody on it. The sooner they get rid of that CEO and get back on the normal path the better I say. :-) And I want windows phone to come back as well, I still have and am using my windows phone which I know has win 8 on it, but not win 10 lolol.

Good Luck to all. 2018 is fast approaching.

Author:  Gardian [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: You can still get Win 10 for free with a Win7 / Win 8 ke

Just to add a little FYI to this. I had a client with a Toshiba Laptop that came with win8.1 and had no discs. It did have a recovery partition.
But, it had been upgraded to win 10 back in the Nag period and in the process it looks like it blew out the recovery area for win 8.1.

My client brought it to me because it would not boot, (Hardware Failure) No boot drive. So I pulled the drive a Toshiba spinner "big surprise" and it was not completely dead so I downloaded the 64 bit OEM version of win10 and win 8.1 and tried performing a repair from a usb stick with no success.
I looked around on the laptop and could not find the COA sticker and then google and found the these new laptops keep the registration in the EFI bios. No more stickers....

So I installed a ssd drive I had laying around and installed win 8.1 all went well, it was activated, it just needed the usb 3.0 driver and all was working well, got all of the windows updates and got it onto my wireless network.

Then attached the old drive to it via a usb to sata adapter and copied all the pictures/documents/downloads and a couple of programs (photo and Office replacement) and all was well.

I figured I would go ahead and upgrade it to win 10, which it let me do via the media creation tool from microsoft and it took about a hour to upgrade and download all the updates.
Then on a reboot, the wireless stopped working, I could see my ssid but could not connect. I tried blowing out the nic driver and letting windows find one, that didn't help, I blew out the connection details from before and tried to connect again, nothing.
So I recovered it back to win 8.1 and the wireless fired right back up.

I got the laptop back to the client, told them they needed to buy a new one (which they had already said they were going to do) and I told them what had been done and they could at least get there files off of it before trashing it, gave them the old spinner and suggested they smash it with a hammer before throwing it away.

Anyway, long story short, if you come onto a system with a dead drive and no COA it still can be fixed.
And shame on Win 10 for wiping that recovery partition.
Good Luck to all and enjoy!

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