Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and HP mediasmart servers
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Author:  JohnBick [ Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:18 am ]
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I had a very interesting occurrence last night. Power went off around 4 AM and we slept thorough the BBU (UPS) alarms. Because of that I did not have an opportunity to do any shutdowns.

By the time we realized it had happened (2 1/2 hours later) the MSS lights were all off, the Vista machine had powered down and only the router and cable modem were operating. (All three of these are on separate power units). Oh yeah, the laptop, not on a UPS, was suspended.

An hour later the power came back on. Turned on the laptop and went to turn on the MSS. IT WAS ALREADY BACK ON-LINE AND RUNNING JUST FINE. Lights all blue and purring like a kitten. Had to restart the Vista unit, of course.

Not believing what I was seeing I looked at the MSS event logs. Errors where it had tried to do backups just after the power failure -- but the Vista machine had already shut down and the laptop had suspended. And there is a big gap in the Security Log audit "information" messages as well as a number of unusual ones between the time of the power failure and when the MSS evidently did shut down. The Application Log shows a midnight "chkdsk" and then "MSDTC, EventSystem, BonjourService", etc. when the power was restored -- all normal indications of a restart.

I had recently done a Factory Reset and had not yet installed the APC UPS software, but the USB cable to the UPS was connected.

Why did the MSS restart? Not having a monitor, I have not changed any BIOS configuration settings to have it restart! Was it because the LAN was still "alive"? (My router and cablemodem are on a separate 1500 UPS that will keep my phones operational for a very extended period of time.) Would love it if that were the case -- I wouldn't need to jury rig a monitor to change the BIOS configuration settings -- and voiding my warranty!

Thoughts, folks?

Author:  JohnBick [ Sun Mar 30, 2008 4:15 pm ]
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I just tried another experiment. I disconnected the LAN cable and the power to the UPS and let it run down again. This time it did NOT restart! I am beginning to think the presence of an active LAN cable makes a difference here. This is not a behavior I have seen before (or if I have I never noticed it), but, frankly, I do like it!

By the way, it is only in the last two months that the router and cablemodem have been on a separate (and significant) UPS. Before that they would probably have failed before the MSS.

Someone else want to experiment? Can we rely on this?

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