Need help with EX-490 Server Restore using Mac
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Author:  rvmeush [ Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Need help with EX-490 Server Restore using Mac

I am trying to do a server restore of my EX-490 using my Mac computer.

It seems as if the main support for server restore is using a PC, but I have found some instructions that seem geared toward using a Mac computer instead. I started the Mediasmart System Recovery process using the menu selection under the Mediasmart icon. It instructed me to insert a USB flash drive that it would prepare for the restore process. I did this and the Restore USB drive was prepared successfully.

The instructions on the USB drive indicated that I should insert the HP Software Installation Disc into the CD drive and then boot from this disc. I have tried this several times but the disc does not seem to be bootable on any of my Mac computers. I also tried to see if the HP Server Recovery Disc was bootable, but it wasn't.

I have looked extensively for some written instructions from HP about how the Server Restore process should be done with a Mac, but I haven't found anything.

Can anyone offer any help or documentation for how I should go about doing Server Recovery with a Mac? Thanks.

Author:  Ruben Rocha [ Mon Jan 21, 2019 4:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Need help with EX-490 Server Restore using Mac

I have never tried a mac.
But anyway the HP Server Recovery Disc is what to use and it is not bootable.
You just insert it and run on the mac.
Then follow the instructions in the screen.
It is desired to have the server directly wired to the mac via Ethernet cable. Bypassing all router, switches,hubs.
Elect Server Recovery or Factory Reset .
It will then prompt you to place the server in recovery mode.
no matter what option you select.
Paper clip in hand. to push in the small hole in the front of the server when you boot it.
This is the hard part. It may take several attempts.
If you have a faulty drive it will always fail.
The full manual is at
Follow the directions for Server Recovery and Factory Reset .

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