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 Post subject: Unable to recover EX485
PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:49 pm 

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For some reason my original post was deleted when I replied, and I have no idea why. Fortunately it is still up so I can re-create it. I've made updates in response to Comp1962's reply:

I have searched and searched and tried multiple things and I can't seem to find my exact issue mentioned anywhere, so I hope this is not a duplicate:

My EX485 server failed some time ago and I have been trying my hardest to get it into recovery mode and nothing works. Here's a play-by-play of what happens:

1. XP 32-bit laptop, directly hooked into server with network cable
2. Run Recovery software, get to point about turning on server and using a paper clip before continuing
3. Turn on server. Red/Blue flashes so I put a paperclip into the reset hole. now it flashes red and "magenta" (really a white/red combo)
4. I go to the next step in recovery, which says it may take 15 minutes to go into recovery mode
5. Server light stops flashing, goes solid "magenta" and stays there (this happens whether I'm using the recovery software or not, it always eventually goes solid magenta).
6. Recovery software says "Server Not Found.", instructs me to review help and try agin.

I tried resetting the bios, but got the 2 blue/3 red error (BIOS recovery source not present.).

I have searched the web vigorously and tried many things, such as setting the IP address of the NIC manually ( or whatever), booting from a USB stick in the bottom USB port in the back, etc. Nothing seems to work, I can't get into recovery mode for some reason.

Has anyone had any experience with this or know what could be happening? Is the solid "magenta" light normal (is it supposed to flash red/magenta, and then go solid magenta), or is it locking up or something?

Additional info:

> Can you confirm your server model number ...
It is a EX485 (I was mistaken about it being an EX47x). I got it brand new from HP, and all parts are original save the HD's which I upgraded.

> connect it back to the network ... show up on your network as a device starting with the name MININT followed by other things
It does not show up at all. The "Attached Devices" section of my router does not show any new wired devices when I turn it on. I tried both leaving it on untouched, and putting it into recovery mode. Neither worked.

> The other thing worth mentioning is ... having the correct recovery media is critical
I tried using the original recovery disk that came with the unit but it did not work. I also tried recovery disks from other models as well, thinking that maybe they had updated the software to be better or something, but those did not work either.

> Also check the NIC LED's in the back and let me know what colors they are and which one is blinking.
The left light is steady orange. The right light is blinking yellow.


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