Essentials R2 - launch userspecific applicatition on login?
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Author:  Mr B [ Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Essentials R2 - launch userspecific applicatition on login?

I'm trying to make a Windows 2012 Server Essentials R2, as a domain controller, launch a software when the user logs on. If the software isn't installed, it should preferably prompt the user to install it, or simply just launch the installer. If the later part isn't possible... "oh well", but it would be nice. If there is a "in your face" popup box to allow/confirm it running that is ok, but not really needed. Worst part is, i need this software to launch when the user uses remote desktop to log in to a system. (In this case primarily the server it self)
Ideally, closing the software logs the user out, and if i could get insanely lucky, the software can be forced to remain on top, preferably full-screen, at all times.

Why ask here? Well, even tho this isn't exactly a storage directed topic, you guys are a fountain of knowledge.
Oh, and also, this forum is the only one i'm a member of that has a "win 2K12 server essentials" section.

I'll have more daft questions letting everyone see my shame, if we can get this sorted.

Anyway, i got as far as i need to use a GPO script to get anything to launch when a user logs on. But i haven't been able to find any documentation that explains what i need to do, in a way that i actually can grasp. I've been poking about so much that sooner or later i will be forced to reinstall just to get back to square one... (Well, not really. I have a "square one" backup made. But i will have to reload, and start over once i figure out what actually works.)
So, does anyone have a link to a guide that holds your hand every step of the way, and don't assume you have any prior knowledge? That is pretty much what i need, i guess.

Thank you for your time and effort.

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