Windows 8.1 Std & Microsoft Account does not work with WSE
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Author:  slikvik [ Wed Nov 13, 2013 7:55 am ]
Post subject:  Windows 8.1 Std & Microsoft Account does not work with WSE

I have a WSE 2012 machine with 3 users & 3 devices setup.

My Windows 8 (Standard) Laptop with Local User connects fine.
My Windows 8.1 (Standard) Nettop with Local User connects fine.

But my Windows 8.1 (Standard) Laptop with a Microsoft Account does not automatically login to the Server. It worked fine when it was running Windows 8 with a Local User but unfortunately in 8.1, MS decided to force a Microsoft Account login on us if I want to continue to use Sky Drive! That would be fine, but now it wont login to their own server product...

I've tried adding a Windows Credential (set at Enterprise level) to the Credentials manager but it just gets forgotten on reboot.
If I log into the LaunchPad (which creates a temporary credential) then it works fine HOWEVER the "remember me" tick box is being ignored and the next time I restart the PC the LaunchPad is signed out again!
I've re-installed the connector.
I've removed the PC from WSE, un-installed the connector and then re-joined. (Done this twice, once as a local user and then converted to MS Account, and once as an MS Account.)
Basically, I just don't think WSE2012 with non-Pro versions of 8.1 on a MS Account have been tested and MS need to either fix it or document it. If someone could just get the LaunchPad to remember my local login and automatically start on next reboot then it wouldn't be a problem. OR stop launch pad from deleting the manual credentials I added everytime I reboot. At the moment it's the worst of both worlds.

Any ideas?

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