Doesn't "see" external usb drive
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Author:  jdomi [ Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Doesn't "see" external usb drive


I have tried many times to make my Win 2k12 Essentials see a Seagate external USB drive (3 TB) to no avail. I have it formatted to NSTF and it shows in Device Manager's Disk Drives and also in Storage Spaces when I select "Create a storage pool" (in here, if I select "View files" Windows Explorer shows it as being "Computer -> Data Backups (\:)" where Data Backups is the name I gave it when I installed it).

Any ideas?

Never mind, in going through the above and typing it here, I was able to continue creating a storage pool and at the end it created a drive that I am now able to see and hopefully use for backups.

Nope, it does mind! I wasn't able to configure backups, got an error "windows server 2012 cannot complete the setup server backup wizard". Now, don't tell me that this OS doesn't like 3 TB drives either.

Any ideas?

Ok, so I have kind of a blog going on right here with all of this but I am also trying to document everything that I am doing as well as success/failures in hopes to help future posters with the same issue.
So, I brought the drive back to my laptop and reformatted it to exFAT with 512KB and tried it again on the server; same error.

Any ideas?

Regards, JD.

Author:  VieuxJules [ Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Doesn't "see" external usb drive

jdomi, I would try to switch disks and try this one internal to see at least if the problem is from the usb or the SS configuration. I had successfully configured one storage pool for server backup, and another one for computers backup (but don't remember the capacity of my SS).

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