Remote access ends in unknown error 80072f7d & LAN down :(
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Author:  devnullius [ Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:14 am ]
Post subject:  Remote access ends in unknown error 80072f7d & LAN down :(

Windows Home Server with Power Pack 3 (2009) on HP MediaSmart Server EX495

When I enable remote access (it used to work; all settings in my Wi-Fi Router are still there and correct) on my HomeServer, I get an error when I Turn On Remote Access (website not available locally; a local web server or firewall issue may have occured. Please contact support). If I go on and try to login to Windows Live Custom Domains, I get the unknown error (0x80072f7d) 80072f7d.
For example, sometimes redirects to . Sometimes Google will still work, sometimes even that goes down. But for most web sites I try to reach, I will get a classic IIS 404 page not found. When using Chrome...!! So somewhere, somehow all my web traffic redirects to HP Home server and 'crashes' my LAN (not even works anymore). There's no reason for it and I can't figure it out. The only thing that is certain is that my LAN will get messed up and can't properly reach the www any longer. I suspect that mostly traffic using DNS resolving suffers from this.

Disable Remote Access and all LAN traffic starts working again (same when I power off my home server).

I'm also going to check & contact Sitecom, for I recently had a firmware upgrade that might(!) be causing it. I have repaired windows home server now 5 times, the last time even with a brand new system disk but... Nothing :/
UPDATE: I downgraded my firmware, but the problems remain : -( Still, I'll await Sitecom Support's answer too...

Last remark... While my client has no problem installing Home Server Connector Software (after manually copying it to my client pc!!), when I try to install WHSConnectorInstall.exe on WHS itself, all I get is "Home Server not found"...

Any insights? Anyone? :)

Thanks and...



PS: HP Home has static IP address, based on MAC address. Nothing has changed in my LAN setup, except a firmware upgrade on my router and a repaired Home Server (see my other posts ;p). I'm using RDP to my home server and I am starting the Home Server Console there.

Author:  devnullius [ Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Remote access ends in unknown error 80072f7d & LAN down

I downgraded my router one more version, this time to the initial firmware.

I also installed Toolkit 1.1 from ... 36319.html.

Enabling Remote Access now works without problems. I still suspect the firmware. Will test that next :)



Author:  devnullius [ Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Remote access ends in unknown error 80072f7d & LAN down

So I disabled Remote Access and went up 1 firmware version on my router and while activating Remote Access things went a little different this time around (might be because WHS still remembered my custom domain).

Now when I enable Remote Access again my LAN goes down (one thing that keeps popping up at various places is that there is no information available for a certificate, even on WHS itself with Firefox). This time, Verifying that my remote Web site is available locally & Configuring my router using UPnP standards both work. Still, Verifying that my remote Web site is available from the internet fails once more. Same with configuring Windows Live custom domain: unknown error 80072f7d & LAN down :(

So yeah... Sitecom firmware is really messing up again. Going back to basic factory firmware, and I suspect everything will be working great again once more. Sigh. Another week of my life I could have spent differently ;-)



PS: after writing this, I disabled Remote Access again. This time, chrome doesn't start working immediately. I can still Google stuff, but all webpages give the classic IE 404. Even more, redirects now to :| Yet my app (plays Dutch TV) (= an IE wrapper) is able to play current programs (normally, when LAN is down, app is down too). While most websites work now, the websites that had a 404 from testing just now, won't refresh the page (including my router). It's all so random. Sigh! Back to old firmware ;p

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