WHS 2011 and Win 10. The situation worsens - please help!
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Author:  mikefarnham [ Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  WHS 2011 and Win 10. The situation worsens - please help!

Hi Everyone,

I have made a number of posts recently about this. A month ago I upgraded 10 pcs to Win 10.
On the last one, the p.c. I am writing this on, the connector would not work so I did what I had done in every other case - went to uninstall it and then reinstall except it refused to uninstall - error 2753.

Meanwhile, in order to deal with a 2 year old refusal of the server to complete a client backup cleanup, I wiped the server and reinstalled WHS 2011 again. So, now no clients connected but all with Launchpad still on displaying all the symptoms mentioned by others e.g. messages about server being offline. Obvious eh? The p.c.s do not know the server has been wiped and the o.s. reinstalled. So, removed the server connector and reinstalled on one p.c. and see what happens. Result? O.K. for half a day, backed up but now will not connect through Launchpad although will back up form server. Launchpad now keeps asking for a sign in which never used to happen and will not accept any user name or password, administrator or otherwise.

Today, tried to connect a laptop. Deleted the old connector but cannot load it again either from the server or a Win 8 cd iso from Microsoft.

So folks, whilst I have read for a month that Win 10 works with WHS 2011, it largely did but now does not. Does anyone know where the connector software resides on the server, what is the latest version and what to do if the version on the server is older? Have downloaded all updates and the server is now, again on SP1.

Frankly, I am becoming heartily sick of it all. I had planned, if everything else got sorted to wipe this p.c. - the one I cannot delete the old connector on and reinstall Win 10 and then the connector. Now I reckon it will not install whatever I do.

Microsoft appear incapable of even making their own software compatible with itself let alone anyone else's. It is a shame really as the upgrades went remarkable smoothly. I should have known there would be trouble to follow.

Thanks for your help.


Author:  Diehard [ Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: WHS 2011 and Win 10. The situation worsens - please hel

I'm no longer running WHS2011, but I do recall that there was a hotfix update for WHS2011 to properly restore PC's running Windows 8 and therefore Windows 10.

At the time the hotfix was only available upon request and not through Windows Updates.

Se if this resolves your issue.

There should be a copy of the connector on the server. Look in C:\Program Files\Windows server\bin something like that.

Theres a pulldown arror in LaunchPad that you can tick so that it doesn't launch every time to boot your PC, if that's what you're trying to stop.

Author:  mikefarnham [ Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: WHS 2011 and Win 10. The situation worsens - please hel

Thanks for your reply and suggestions Diehard.

I had noticed that hotfix before but had not installed it as implicitly it advises non installation unless the four stated conditions exist. I believed they did not and was uncertain whether any of my machines were UEFI and less, even so, how to find out! I am just Googling it now though. Would be interested to learn if folks just installed the update anyway and what effect it had and if it caused problems. Please advise folks.

Some new updates just arrived for the server including one which looks like rollup 2 and am wondering if that may help.

Have found the arrow to sort Launchpad thanks.

For now, I will install rollup 2 and give that a try whilst I research and wait for comments about the UEFI issue.

Very best wishes,


Author:  mikefarnham [ Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: WHS 2011 and Win 10. The situation worsens - please hel

Just checked the two computers in question.
My main P.C. the first culprit in this tale of woe does not even have the setupact file in C/Windows/Panther; the other is set to BIOS and I reckon that is the case with most of my machines. I would not be so sure on my Asus Vivo tab or my Dell Venue 11.


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